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The Road Less Traveled: Unearthing Two Undervalued Dividend Stocks Poised for Long-Term Growth

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Delving into dividend stocks is akin to rummaging through a bustling flea market, where hidden gems lurk amidst the clutter. Amidst an S&P 500 Index ($SPX) with a lackluster dividend yield below 1.5%, outliers like Ford Motor Company (F) and Pfizer (PFE) shine bright, offering investors a glimmer of hope with their healthy dividend payouts and untapped potential waiting to be unraveled.

2020 spelled turmoil for firms like Ford and General Motors (GM), forcing them to halt dividend payouts. Yet, against the odds, Ford made a resilient comeback in October 2021, initiating a quarterly dividend of 10 cents.


Not content with mediocrity, Ford upped the ante during its Q4 2023 earnings call, announcing a 15 cents quarterly dividend – a 4.8% yield – alongside an unexpected 18 cents special dividend. This felicitous twist left investors blooming with joy.

Flush with cash, both Ford and GM navigate the financial highway with prowess, boasting robust cash flows, and sturdy balance sheets. GM even took a flamboyant detour, unveiling a $10 billion stock buyback, steered by its substantial balance sheet.

Despite the stormy waters caused by the UAW strike, Ford’s sail remained steady, braving the gales to net $6.8 billion in free cash flows by the end of 2023, with almost $29 billion resting comfortably in its coffers.

Projected to haul in $6 billion to $7 billion in free cash flows amidst a tide of capital expenditures totaling $8 billion to $9.5 billion – especially focusing on the Model e electric vehicle segment – Ford exudes an aura of financial fortitude unseen in its rivals.

Driving efficiency to the forefront, Ford’s CFO, John Lawler, echoed notes of prudence during the Q4 earnings call, envisaging a capital allocation strategy keen on cost-effectiveness. With its EV plans pacing slower and capex dwindling, Ford’s shareholders find themselves at the cusp of a payout bonanza.

In addition to being a dividend darling, Ford’s stock sports an alluring charm, trading at a meager next 12 months (NTM) price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 6.67x – below its modest three-year average of 8.5x. Despite market jitters hinting at plateauing profits, CEO Jim Farley voices optimism, debunking naysayers and forecasting a bountiful year ahead.

While the skeptic in Wall Street gazes hesitantly at Ford, with a β€œHold” rating from the 17 watchful analysts, value investors sense opportunity knocking, as Ford’s cheap valuations teem with potential, beckoning them towards a prudent investment choice.


The Pfizer Prophecy: Yielding Over 6%

Emerging from the shadows of Ford’s dividend tale, the pharmaceutical juggernaut Pfizer waves at prudent investors with a dividend yield surpassing 6%. Pledging allegiance to its shareholders, Pfizer mirrors Ford’s capital-returning fervor.

Crooning its crescendo during the Q4 earnings call, Pfizer’s CFO, Dave Denton, sings praises for dividend growth, perceiving it as the harbinger of prosperity, right before venturing into talks of business reinvention and share buybacks.

In a candid soliloquy, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla extols the virtues of PFE stock, likening it to the β€œbest bond in the world” with its 6% yield, revealing his personal faith through stock purchases and the quaint decision of funneling his pension into Pfizer’s embrace.

A Pfizer Parable: An Oasis for Patient Investors

Weathering the tempest of COVID-19 product demand volatilities, Pfizer charts a steady course amidst waning revenues, with its beacon of hope manifesting in stalwart sales growth beyond the pandemic milieu, coupled with focused cost-savings and deleveraging initiatives.


Amidst a downward spiral, Pfizer’s stock not only sheds its COVID skin but retraces back to its 2016 roots. Despite dwindling COVID-era laurels, Pfizer’s stocks beckon prudent investors with an enticing NTM PE multiplier of a mere 12x.

For those scouring the dividend stock landscape for hidden treasures with robust upside potential, PFE stock unfurls as a promising option amidst the sea of possibilities.

Author, Mohit Oberoi, had a vested interest in: F, GM, PFE. All insights shared in this segment are offered purely for informational purposes. Consult the Barchart Disclosure Policy for further details.

The perspectives and thoughts expressed herein belong solely to the author and may not necessarily mirror those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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