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2 Magnificent Dividends To Generate Passive Income For Life

2 Magnificent Dividends To Generate Passive Income For Life

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Did you know that elderly Americans are increasingly working well into their 80s? In fact, there has been an 18% rise in the number of Americans over 80 who are still in full-time employment. Financial independence is crucial for a comfortable retirement, and one way to achieve it is through passive income. There are various methods to generate passive income, including writing a book, affiliate marketing, or investing in stocks or rental properties. For the most effortless option, consider investing in dividend-paying stocks. Let’s explore two discounted dividend stocks that can provide you with a consistent income stream and secure your retirement.

Top Pick #1: UTF – Yield 8.9%

The Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are set to inject massive funding into critical sectors of the American economy. Companies in the infrastructure and energy sectors are expected to benefit greatly from these legislations. One investment that stands to gain from the influx of funds is the Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (UTF). UTF holds leading companies that provide essential services, with a focus on clean grid projects. With a steady track record and a monthly distribution yielding 8.9%, UTF presents an attractive opportunity for passive income investors.

Top Pick #2: USA – Yield 10.1%

The United States continues to be a top destination for foreign investors, thanks to its robust financial markets and innovative companies. The Liberty All-Star Equity Fund (USA) is a closed-end fund that combines value and growth investment strategies. With a diverse portfolio of prominent companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Nvidia, USA offers a reliable income stream. The fund’s distribution policy aims to pay out 10% of the net asset value per annum, making it an attractive choice for passive income seekers.


Imagine having a passive income stream that covers all your living expenses and allows you to enjoy your golden years stress-free. By investing in dividend-paying stocks like UTF and USA, you can take a step towards achieving this financial dream. These stocks offer impressive yields of 8.9% and 10.1%, respectively. Start building your passive income for life today!