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Exploring the Advantages of Integrating Options Strategies into Your Investment Portfolio

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As the landscape of options-based strategies continues to expand, investors are presented with a diverse array of choices for enhancing their portfolios. Recognizing the advantages that options bring can aid both financial advisors and investors in strategically incorporating these strategies into their investment mix.

Managing Risk in the realm of Equity Investments

Equities, in recent times, have exhibited heightened volatility, exposing investors to substantial risk. The past few years have witnessed significant market downturns, with ongoing uncertainties dominating the first half of the current year. Concerns around inflation and potential changes in Fed interest rates loom large, underscoring the necessity of safeguarding against potential losses within equity investments.

Index options offer a more stable alternative to individual stock exposure, resulting in a reduced risk profile. By earning premiums through writing calls, investors can generate additional income that acts as a cushion during equity market downturns. Consequently, options have the potential to provide improved risk-adjusted returns within the realm of equities.

Adding Diversification to the Mix

Options strategies, with their income-generating potential, present a valuable addition to any income-focused portfolio. Traditionally, income strategies heavily feature bonds; however, options offer diversification from fixed-income approaches due to their tilt towards equity investments.

Moreover, fixed-income strategies rely on interest rates for their income, exposing them to significant interest rate risks. In comparison, options-based strategies, driven by premiums and derivatives, avoid direct interest rate vulnerabilities. In today’s market climate, this added layer of diversification holds immense significance.

Capitalizing on Market Volatility

The prevailing market volatility driven by persistent inflation and elevated interest rates poses a challenge for investors. Nonetheless, options have the potential to benefit from such volatility.

Implied volatility, which signifies the anticipated future volatility of a stock, can impact option prices and values. Increased implied volatility amplifies the value of options, thereby opening up the possibility of higher premiums. Consequently, options-based strategies can generate increased income during periods of heightened volatility.

Enriching Your Portfolio with Options Strategies

Gateway Investment Advisers, affiliated with Natixis Investment Managers, offers a range of options strategies backed by over four decades of experience in options-based investing. Their latest offering, the Natixis Gateway Quality Income ETF (GQI), launched in December 2023. This fund is designed to deliver a reliable cash flow sourced from option premiums and equity dividends.

GQI provides exposure to high-quality S&P 500 stocks that offer strong cash flow, robust balance sheets, and consistent earnings and profitability. This equity exposure is complemented by a laddered call option strategy on the S&P 500 Index, with options overlaying half of the portfolio to balance income potential with capital appreciation during market upswings.

The fund serves as a valuable addition to an equity-centric portfolio, providing risk-adjusted exposure. It also functions as a noteworthy alternative within income-focused allocations, diverging from traditional dividend yield strategies. Managed actively and offering full transparency, GQI boasts a competitive expense ratio of 0.34%.

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