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3 Dividend Stocks That Could Have Been Avoided

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Despite a 4.9% annual GDP growth in the U.S. in the third quarter, companies slash costs to contain expenses amid inflation, wage growth, and stagnant revenues. The “earnings recession” instigates caution, as dividends are reliant on robust earnings, presenting a dilemma in the face of flat revenues.

Delve into Dividend Investing

With 81% of S&P 500 companies reporting Q3 earnings above estimates, dividends sentimentally influence stock prices. Nonetheless, caution is warranted, as companies like Tesla (TSLA) experienced a 5.2% dip post negative EPS surprises.

Senior Investment Strategist Kevin Gordon of Charles Schwab predicates a need for companies to exhibit sustainable demand recoveries, not solely bolster earnings via cost cutting, amidst an expected impact from a tightening Fed policy and slowing global economy.

High debt costs stifle profitability, despite marginal improvements in top-line growth. Analysts anticipate a mere 3.9% year-over-year earnings growth for Q4 2023, underscoring the value of investments capable of cushioning portfolios or offering income in times of volatility.

Distinguishing Dividend Stocks: The Cuts to Anticipate

While dividend stocks present an avenue for steady cash flows, their vulnerability hinges on fundamental inadequacies. Underpinned by high-cost environments and cost-cutting measures, dividends are susceptible to suspension and cuts.

Keeping a pulse on relevant metrics like payout ratios, interest coverage, debt ratios, and profitability unveils a stock’s ability to endure income streams. Seeking Alpha’s Dividend Safety Grades, averting 99% of dividend cuts since 2010, emerge as an invaluable, transparent tool.

Dividend Safety Grades as Prophetic Metrics

Seeking Alpha’s A+ Dividend Growth Recommendations have outperformed Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG) by 508% over 12 years. Indicating the dire repercussions of poor dividend safety, these grades serve as a pivotal predictive instrument.

Poor dividend grades predicate vulnerable income streams for stocks like PETS, BGFV, and VFC. Heeding these warnings could have preempted investors from enduring dividend cuts.

The Trio of Disappointing Dividends

While top dividend stocks fortify capital and yield returns, poor dividend grades foreshadow vulnerability. The progressively deteriorating scores of PETS, BGFV, and VFC signaled impending dividend cuts, testament to the predictive power of Dividend Safety Grades.

Unmasking PETS, BGFV, and VFC’s Lamentable Dividend Safety

1. PetMed Express, Inc. (PETS)

  • Market Cap: 149.89M

    Grade When Cut: F

    Yield (FWD): 16.35%

    Quant Sector Ranking: 466 of 535

    Quant Rating: Sell

Since April 30, 2022, PETS, despite its 16.35% forward dividend yield, has plummeted by nearly 65%, succumbing to competitive pressures, management changes, and shrinking margins. Suspended dividends and a bleak growth outlook epitomize its predicament.

2. Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation (BGFV)

  • Market Cap: 113.38M

    Grade When Cut: F

    Yield (FWD): 9.62%

    Quant Sector Ranking: 464 of 535

    Quant Rating: Sell

Embattled by sales challenges, wage inflation, and weak dividend metrics, BGFV halved its dividend on November 1st. Underscoring the perils of overlooking dividend grades, BGFV’s downtrend underscores the criticality of robust dividend indicators.

3. V.F. Corporation (VFC)

  • Market Cap: $5.89B

    Grade When Cut: F

    Yield (FWD): 2.38%

    Quant Sector Ranking: 378 of 535

    Quant Rating: Hold

Succumbing to dwindling profits and an unfavorable environment, VFC, also a victim of cash flow constraints, recently slashed its dividends by 70%. Its fundamental ailments and tepid growth metrics underscore the importance of assessing dividend safety.

Ensuring Secure Dividends

Amid economic adversity, assessing dividend security assumes paramount importance. Stocks like PETS, BGFV, and VFC serve as cautionary tales, emphasizing the indispensable nature of robust dividend safety grades in safeguarding income streams.

Robust dividend safety grades and resilient fundamentals invariably represent lighthouses in the tempestuous sea of stock investments. The onus lies on vigilant due diligence to avert the perils of precarious dividend stocks.

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