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The Lucrative Future of Computer Peripheral Stocks in the Ever-changing Tech World

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Shifting Winds in the Computer Peripheral Equipment Industry

The Zacks Computer-Peripheral Equipment industry has found itself in the midst of a tempest, grappling with prevailing macroeconomic headwinds such as inflationary pressure and higher interest rates. This has led to a slump in IT spending, thereby impacting the demand for computer peripherals. The industry is also facing dwindling demand for computer peripherals associated with remote work and online education in the post-pandemic landscape. In addition, the stagnation in the PC refreshment cycle spells trouble for the demand for PCs and peripherals. However, amidst these tumultuous times, there are still beams of hope piercing through the clouds for heavyweights like Logitech International, Stratasys, Immersion, and TransAct Technologies.

The Computer Peripheral Equipment Industry

The Zacks Computer-Peripheral Equipment industry houses companies providing a myriad of computer input, output, and storage devices that include keyboards, mice, LCD panels, smart glass, touch sensors, 3D printers, and transaction-based printer products, to name a few. The industry thrives on the intensely competitive nature that impels participants to unveil innovative products to cater to the ever-changing consumer preferences.

Future Trends Shaping the Industry

Shift in Consumer Preference a Key Catalyst: Consumer preferences are witnessing a tectonic shift from mobile gaming to more professional gaming experiences, fostered by the advent of advanced gaming devices and the burgeoning popularity of e-sports leagues. This trend is expected to propel the prospects of the industry. The burgeoning demand for 3D printing, especially among engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, contributes to a promising long-term investment opportunity for the industry. Moreover, the industry is experiencing a ripple effect from the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to soaring demand for gaming equipment and 3D-printed medical devices.

Expanding Global Footprint: The industry’s deepening penetration into price-sensitive regions like the Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa through low-cost quality products is paving the way for substantial growth.

Macroeconomic Headwinds Might Hurt IT Spending: Higher interest rates and inflationary pressures are dampening consumer spending and postponing large-scale IT spending plans by enterprises, signaling a challenging near-term for the Computer-Peripheral Equipment market.

Elevated Operating Expenses to Hurt Profitability: Fierce competition is compelling companies to channel substantial investments into research and development, ultimately leading to elevated operating expenses that may compromise margins in the foreseeable future.

Industry’s Current Scenario

Amidst these headwinds, the Zacks Computer-Peripheral Equipment industry has witnessed a notable underperformance when compared to the S&P 500 composite and the broader Zacks Computer and Technology sector in the past 12 months. The current valuation of the industry, based on the trailing 12-month price-to-sales ratio, further delineates the fact that the industry’s businesses are trading at significantly low multiples compared to their counterparts, showcasing an untapped potential for investment.

The Path Ahead for Investors

Despite this challenging landscape, investors eyeing potential opportunities in the current volatile market may find respite in the Computer Peripheral sector, as these stocks exhibit long-term promise. Before diving into this realm, scrutinizing the industry’s shareholder returns and current valuation is prudent, as it can provide a more holistic understanding of its potential for growth. Despite the industry’s bleak prospects, a few stocks within it are worth considering for investment, exemplifying the resilience and potential within computer peripherals.


The future of computer peripheral stocks remains a blend of woes and triumph, with industry juggernauts strategizing to stay afloat amid the turbulent waters, while investors stand at the cusp of deciding whether to ride the wave or seek calmer shores.

Futuristic Peripherals: A Promising Frontier for Investor Triumph

Logitech, a veteran in the computer peripheral realm, has reportedly emerged steaming through the trials of a post-pandemic downturn with better-than-expected fiscal results in 2024 Q3. The remarkable resilience has bolstered the confidence of its investors, marking a staggering 56.7% increase in its shares over the past year. All eyes are on the company, anticipating the fruits of heightened hybrid work trends, especially as its video collaboration, keyboards & combos, and pointing device tools are expected to magnetize consumers in the wake of an accelerated pace of digital transformation. Besides, cloud-based video conferencing services are likely to remain in the spotlight, further propelling Logitech’s growth trajectory. Let’s delve deeper into the ripple effects of this remarkable recovery.

Immersion Corporation: A Tactile Revolution

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to interact with a computer using your sense of touch? Enter Immersion Corporation, a small but innovative company with a market cap of approximately $219 million. Riding the wave of its patented TouchSense technologies, Immersion extends its scope far beyond conventional boundaries, catering to applications like computing and entertainment, medical simulation, professional and industrial tools, along with three-dimensional capture and interaction. As the Zacks Rank #2 company witnesses robust growth, boasting a staggering upward revision of 55.4% in 2024 earnings over the last seven days, it’s clear that Immersion is carving its niche in the burgeoning world of computer peripherals.

TransAct Technologies: Navigating the Transaction Tide

TransAct Technologies, known for its transaction-based printers and related offerings, is making waves amid the stormy seas of digital transformation and business automation. Its printers, brandishing names like ITHACA, MAGNETEC, and TRANSACT.COM, have cemented their place as essential tools for a spectrum of vertical markets, ranging from point-of-sale, gaming and lottery, to financial services, kiosks, and the internet. While the Zacks Consensus Estimate for 2024 stands at a loss of 17 cents per share, unchanged over the past 60 days, the company has managed to stay afloat, demonstrating a 3.6% gain in share value over the past year.

Stratasys: Crafting the Future with 3D Printing

In the realm of next-gen peripherals, Stratasys, hailing from Eden Prairie, MN, is asserting its dominance through a sophisticated repertoire of 3D printing technologies. The burgeoning demand for 3D-printed medical equipment has provided a fertile landscape for growth, especially with the adoption of PolyJet and FDM printers gaining momentum. Stratasys is making strategic inroads in the aerospace and automotive industries, forging alliances with industry giants like Schneider Electric, Boeing, Ford Motor, Siemens, Boom Supersonic, and United Launch Alliance. Despite enduring a downward revision of 5 cents in 2024 earnings over the past seven days, the company has demonstrated a resilient spirit, braving a 6.5% depreciation in share value over the past year.

The promising financial performance and innovative strategies of these companies reaffirm a positive trajectory for the computer peripheral industry, reflecting a world that is increasingly reliant on technology. As the landscape evolves, investors should keep an eye on these trailblazing companies, poised to revolutionize the world of peripherals.

Conclusion: Navigating the Trail of Triumph

As the computer peripheral industry charts new territories in the wake of digital upheaval and technological advancement, companies like Logitech, Immersion, TransAct Technologies, and Stratasys are emblematic of this energetic transformation. The performance of these industry stalwarts serves as a guiding light through the unpredictable waves of market dynamics. So, will they continue to steer through the currents of change and offer bountiful returns for their investors? Only time will tell, but for now, the horizon looks promising for these champions of innovation.

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