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Exploring Top Consumer Staples Stocks Amid Market Uncertainty Exploring Top Consumer Staples Stocks Amid Market Uncertainty

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Exploring Top Consumer Staples Stocks Amid Market Uncertainty

Amid a stock market swirling with uncertainties, diversifying with consumer staples stocks may be just the anchor investors need. It’s not about striking it rich overnight, but rather hedging risks in a storm. These stalwarts encompass vital products in our daily lives: from food and beverages to household essentials and even indulgences like alcohol and tobacco.

Discover Kellanova (K) in the Consumer Staples Universe

Kellogg's sign on their Canada's head office building in Mississauga

Source: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Presenting itself under the new moniker Kellanova (NYSE:K), this breakfast behemoth continues to shine in the consumer staples realm. Formerly known as the Kellogg Company, Kellanova’s lineup boasts popular items like Frosties and Crunchy Nut. Despite K stock’s dip of 5% since January, it carries an air of understated value at 13.26X trailing-year earnings (excl. non-recurring items). Plus, sturdy margins underline its perennial profitability.

Analysts predict Kellanova’s revenue to settle at $12.81 billion by year-end, indicating a mild 2.4% decline. The tables could turn in 2025, with projected revenue of $13.22 billion. While the consensus on K stock leans towards a hold, its market relevance remains one to watch.

Savor the Stability of Colgate-Palmolive (CL)

Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash in a cup with a toothbrush

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Swinging to the scene is the indispensable Colgate-Palmolive (NYSE:CL). Their suite of personal hygiene products and cleaning staples ensures a steady market presence. Rising 7% year-to-date and 17% over 52 weeks, CL showcases resilience in uncertain times. Analysts foresee a revenue uptick to $20.18 billion in 2024, marking a 3.7% climb from the prior year. Earnings per share are headed for $3.48, a step up from 2023.

Though not a bargain buy at a 31X trailing-year earnings ratio, Colgate shines with solid margins and unwavering profitability. Wrapped in a consensus strong buy rating, with a target price of $91.33, CL stock holds merit.

Embracing the Energy of Celsius (CELH)

CELH stock: A view of several cases of Celsius energy drinks, on display at a local big box grocery store.

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Asked how I write tirelessly, I say: thanks to Celsius (NASDAQ:CELH). While Red Bull remains a distant dream for public investors, CELH brings effervescent energy drinks into the consumer staples sphere.

Insights into Consumer Staples Stocks

Unveiling the Future of Consumer Staples Stocks

The Phenomenon of CELH

It’s hard to ignore the meteoric rise of Celsius Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CELH) in the realm of consumer staples stocks. Over the past five years, CELH has embarked on a staggering journey, witnessing a jaw-dropping 6,675% surge in market value. As the year unfolds, the company’s shares continue their upward trajectory, boasting a remarkable 34% gain since the beginning of the year.

Analysts paint a rosy picture of the road ahead, forecasting that by the year’s end, Celsius will drive in revenue totaling $1.8 billion, showcasing a notable 37% surge from the preceding year. Additionally, there are whispers of an impressive EPS landing at 97 cents, trumping 2023’s EPS of 77 cents.

One can’t help but notice the enthusiasm surrounding CELH, with analysts setting an average price target of $86.55 while hinting at a sky-high potential of $110, positioning it as a leading contender among consumer staples stocks.

The Rock-Solid Foundation of Kraft Heinz

Diving into the universe of consumer staples stocks, Kraft Heinz (NASDAQ: KHC) stands out as a beacon of stability. In the tumultuous waters of market fluctuations, KHC represents a reliable choice, akin to a hearty meal during a financial storm. Should a recession rear its head, KHC shareholders are poised to weather the tempest, providing essential sustenance at a fraction of the cost of dining out.

Bolstering its allure, KHC finds favor as one of Warren Buffett’s cherished picks. The Oracle of Omaha thrives on a good bargain, and Kraft Heinz offers just that. Currently trading at a modest 11.61X forward earnings, KHC presents a compelling value proposition compared to the sector median of 15.5X.

Gazing into the crystal ball, experts anticipate KHC posting revenue figures of $26.83 billion by year-end, hinting at subtle growth. However, a more robust resurgence might materialize in 2025, with sales projected to scale up to $27.32 billion.

Analysts give KHC shares a vote of confidence with a moderate buy rating and a price target of $38.47, hinting at a promising 10% upside potential.

Mondelez: The Temptation of MDLZ

Stepping into riskier but potentially rewarding territory within consumer staples stocks, Mondelez (NASDAQ: MDLZ) emerges as an intriguing option for astute speculators. With a delectable array of food, beverages, and snacks, Mondelez captures attention, most notably through its legendary Oreo brand. The addictive nature of such delicacies positions MDLZ stock as an enticing prospect for investors.

Market analysts echo this sentiment, projecting revenue figures of $37.13 billion, reflecting a 3.1% rise from the previous year. Looking ahead to 2025, the outlook remains optimistic, with revenue poised to touch $38.77 billion, marking a 4.4% growth trajectory assuming 2024 sales meet expectations.

Earmarked for solid growth, Mondelez could yield EPS of $3.52, showcasing notable improvement from the previous year’s figures. A peek into 2025 forecasts an EPS of $3.81, underpinning the company’s consistent profitability.

Analytical consensus favors Mondelez shares with a strong buy rating and an attractive $83.47 price target, promising a tantalizing 15% upside potential.

The Resilience of Philip Morris

Philip Morris (NYSE: PM), a stalwart in the tobacco industry, may seem like an unconventional choice among consumer staples stocks, given the sector’s challenges and shrinking market appeal due to declining smoking rates globally. However, analysts present a starkly contrasting viewpoint.

Forecasts indicate potential revenue generation of $37.17 billion by the fiscal year-end, ensuing in a robust sales growth of 5.4% compared to the previous year. Peering into 2025, sales could surge to $39.56 billion, showcasing a promising growth rate against anticipated 2024 sales.

Supported by the burgeoning vaping and e-cigarette industry, PM might achieve an impressive EPS of $6.4, indicating a significant leap from the prior year’s statistics. The narrative extends into 2025 with projected EPS of $7.04, underscoring the rising popularity of alternatives within the industry.

Analysts grant Philip Morris shares a moderate buy rating with a $101.94 price target, hinting at substantial growth potential in excess of 13%.

Anheuser-Busch: Weathering the Storm and Embracing the Future

An Unpredictable Journey

Corporate building with Anheuser Busch (BUD) logo on it

Source: legacy1995 / Shutterstock.com

Once the brewing giant responsible for America’s favorite beer, Anheuser-Busch (NYSE:BUD) finds itself treading a different path today. It reached a momentary discord that took the form of a controversial collaboration about a year ago involving Bud Light, stirring the pot of societal discourse. The repercussions of this reverberate through the company even now. But, my dear investors, can we not move past the litigations of yesteryears? It’s like holding a grudge against a thunderstorm long after the clouds have dispersed.

The Road to Redemption

Analysts paint a hopeful picture of the future for Anheuser-Busch. They predict sales climbing to $63.4 billion by the close of 2024, marking a robust 7% ascent from the previous year’s figures. Even as the growth trajectory may exhibit signs of deceleration in the following year, the anticipated sales of $66.27 billion by the end of 2025 still stand tall and proud.

Amidst the canto of uncertainty, the experts echo a harmonious tune, declaring shares a consensus moderate buy with a $76 price target, showcasing a prospective upside of over 26%. Could this be a beacon of light heralding a promising dawn for Anheuser-Busch?

In the Eye of the Storm

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