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Advancements in Rare CNS Disorder Therapies: CEO’s Letter Sheds Light on NLS Pharmaceutics’ Progress

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NLS Pharmaceutics Ltd. (NLSP) recently published an extensive shareholder letter, led by CEO Alex Zwyer, outlining recent achievements and ongoing initiatives. The letter, directed towards shareholders and supporters, underscores NLS’s dedication to enhancing the lives of patients with rare and complex CNS disorders through the development of innovative therapies.

Key Highlights:

1. Vision and Progress:

Zwyer acknowledges the commitment of the NLS team in bringing their vision to life by improving patients’ futures. The company places a strong emphasis on prioritizing patients and their well-being in the development of better treatments for rare sleep disorders and debilitating CNS diseases.

2. Objectives and Achievements:

At the start of 2023, NLS set several goals, including building an organization focused on rare CNS disorders, advancing the Phase 3 program for their lead product Mazindol ER, and making progress with their pipeline of innovative products. The company highlights significant advancements in these areas.

3. Financing and Strategic Planning:

In late 2022, NLS successfully completed a $10 million private placement with BVF Partners L.P. The company is currently evaluating different options to initiate their Phase 3 program and executing their strategic plan. NLS has taken steps to reduce monthly expenses and extend their cash runway, while also exploring potential partnership agreements within the pharmaceutical industry. Negotiations are ongoing, and no definitive agreement has been reached at this time.

4. Leadership Appointments:

The letter introduces Keith Dewedoff as Interim Chief Financial Officer and Elena Thyen-Pighin as the permanent CFO & Head of Finance / Human Resources. Their expertise strengthens NLS’s financial operations and leadership team.

5. Mazindol ER Phase 3 Program:

The Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of Mazindol ER in narcolepsy patients has reached significant milestones, including approval from the independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the FDA’s green light. The trial focuses on assessing weekly cataplexy episodes and excessive daytime sleepiness.

6. Fast-Track Designation Application:

NLS has submitted a fast-track designation application to the FDA for the use of Mazindol ER in narcolepsy treatment. This designation expedites the review process for drugs addressing serious or life-threatening conditions, potentially speeding up the drug’s availability in the market.

7. Medical Congress Activities:

NLS presented findings at SLEEP 2023, highlighting data from Phase 2 clinical studies of Mazindol ER. The positive results reaffirm the drug’s effectiveness and safety profile, positioning it as a promising treatment option.

8. Pipeline Progress:

NLS discusses their robust pipeline, which includes lauflumide (NLS-4) for chronic fatigue and NLS-11 for neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s unique approach of targeting complex CNS diseases through single-molecule mechanisms is showcased.

9. Shareholder Support:

The letter expresses gratitude to shareholders for their unwavering support and highlights the strong approval received for key proposals during NLS’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

CEO Alex Zwyer’s shareholder letter emphasizes NLS Pharmaceutics’ progress, dedication to patient-centered innovation, and commitment to a brighter future for patients with rare and complex CNS disorders. The company’s achievements, leadership appointments, Phase 3 program advancements, and pipeline progress solidify its position as a significant player in the biopharmaceutical industry.


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