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Exploring AllianzIM’s Latest 4th Buffer ETF AllianzIM Introduces 4th Buffer ETF with Semiannual Reset

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AllianzIM’s New Addition

Amidst the financial frenzy of Wall Street, AllianzIM proudly ushers in its latest innovation, the AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap 6 Month Buffer10 Mar/Sep ETF (NYSE Arca: SIXP). This novel ETF joins the ranks of AllianzIM’s illustrious lineup of buffer ETFs that refresh every six months, a strategic move setting the stage for potential investor gains.

Unveiling the SIXP

In a world dominated by numbers and ratios, SIXP stands out with a modest net expense ratio of 0.74%. Designed to mimic the share price movements of the illustrious SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), SIXP relies on a portfolio predominantly comprising flexible exchange options (FLEX) tied to SPY. This unique approach positions SIXP for success and aligns its fate with the fate of the market behemoth that is SPY.

Setting the Parameters

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of expenses, investors are presented with a return cap of 7.98% and a safety net in the form of a 10% downside buffer. The catch? These rewards can only be reaped by steadfast shareholders who stay the course throughout the entire outcome period. A point of interest lies in the upcoming reset scheduled for September 1, 2025, culminating the first six months of the ETF. Subsequent outcome periods, like the changing seasons, will rotate from September through February and back to March through August.

Embracing the Advantages

Allianz’s strategic rationale unfolds in a detailed document on their website, championing the benefits of a six-month outcome period. With caps tailored to market conditions and a compressed timeframe for downside protection, investors are offered a shield against volatility that transcends the norm of annual resets.

Expanding Horizon

Allianz stands tall with a portfolio boasting over 25 ETFs in the U.S., managing assets exceeding $2 billion. Alongside SIXP, the company’s repertoire includes three sibling buffer funds linked to SPY and reset semiannually, with forthcoming products slated for May/November and June/December launches.

For Enthusiasts

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