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An Eye-Popping Fully Covered 19% Yield: OXLC

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In relationships, misunderstandings often arise from differences in communication. The same can be said for investors in the financial market. While using the same terminology, individuals may have varying definitions and interpretations. This can lead to confusion and misinterpretation of investment returns.

As an income investor, my main focus is on receiving dividends that provide a consistent and reliable income stream. Price changes, on the other hand, should not be solely relied upon to generate returns. It is crucial to view dividends and price changes as separate components of total returns.

Let’s examine a misunderstood investment that has attracted a lot of attention: Oxford Lane Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:OXLC). This Closed-End Fund (CEF) offers a high yield of 19.3%, but its net asset value and price action have caused confusion among investors.

OXLC’s price may have fallen since its initial public offering (IPO), but investors who bought at that time and sold recently would have doubled their investment. The difference in returns can be attributed to the combination of dividends and price changes.

To understand OXLC’s returns, it’s important to note that the fund invests in Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) Equity positions. CLOs securitize leveraged loans, with investors in different tranches receiving interest payments in order of priority. OXLC’s dividends are high due to this investment strategy.

An index comparison can help shed light on OXLC’s performance. When we look at the Invesco Senior Loan ETF (BKLN), we observe a similar pattern of declining net asset value accompanied by positive total returns. This trend is consistent with the overall decline in leveraged loan prices since OXLC’s IPO.

Comparing OXLC’s performance to the S&P 500, it may not seem impressive. However, debt investments have generally underperformed equities in recent years. As an income investor, I find the current environment favorable for purchasing debt investments due to their attractive yields.

Investing in debt not only provides a reliable cash flow, but it also offers potential for significant returns. OXLC’s high yield, dividend increases, and recovering net asset value make it an attractive option within a diversified debt investment strategy.

The Value in Misunderstood Investments

OXLC’s current low valuation is a result of misconceptions surrounding debt investments in the current high interest rate environment. Investors fail to understand OXLC’s diverse portfolio and fear an influx of bankruptcies that could devalue fixed-income investments. However, bankruptcies are not expected to significantly impact the value of these investments, and careful selection is key.

For retirement planning, investments like OXLC can provide a reliable income stream that surpasses commonly misunderstood sentiments. The unique income catalyst that these investments offer can greatly enhance overall income.

It is crucial to recognize the potential of misunderstood investments and the value they can add to an income-focused investment strategy. By understanding the nuances and overlooking misconceptions, investors can capitalize on the true income potential of securities like OXLC.

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