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The Cocoa Rush: Systematic Hedge Funds Shine Amid Market Turbulence

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By Roger Lowenstein

Coding their Way to Success

In a world where cocoa prices are soaring and markets are in a tumultuous dance led by factors like inflation and geopolitics, systematic hedge funds are finding themselves riding the waves of success. Unlike traditional managers who trust their instincts, systematic hedge fund managers rely on coding and algorithms to spot emerging market trends.

According to Barclays’ prime brokerage data, these trend funds have outperformed their peers significantly in the first quarter of 2024, boasting an average gain of nearly 9% compared to the broader hedge fund industry’s 2.6% increase.

Market volatility has played a pivotal role in the success of these funds, with global market fortunes taking diverse paths. While the U.S. S&P 500 has surged over 11% this year, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index has dipped by about 2%. In contrast, Japan’s Nikkei has seen a robust 20% rise, with European stocks lagging behind at 6% gains, and China hovering around 3%.

The varying performance of different regions and assets has become a boon for systematic hedge funds, which thrive on the opportunities presented by contrasting market conditions.

The Sweet Success of Systematic Strategies

The top-performing systematic strategies or trend funds are those that are willing to take calculated risks. These funds often set different volatility thresholds to determine when trades become too risky and should be abandoned.

Barclays’ prime brokerage data revealed that the top 10 performing trend funds, allowing for approximately two-thirds more volatility than their counterparts, achieved an average return of 20% in the initial two months of this year. In contrast, funds with lower risk thresholds posted an average 5% return.

Even those operating with lower volatility allowances have benefited from significant movements in agricultural commodities, currencies, and energy markets.

Long-standing positions in cocoa since the first half of 2023 have significantly boosted returns for several investment sources. Cocoa prices have more than doubled in the past year, primarily driven by poor crop yields in Ivory Coast and Ghana, leading to a surge in demand from processors.

British hedge fund firm Winton Capital, known for its systematic $2.8 billion CTA (commodity trading advisor) strategy, witnessed positive returns fueled by cocoa, stock indices, natural gas, and the yen. Similarly, Rotterdam-based investment manager Transtrend saw an 18% return by betting on long cocoa positions and shorting grains, among other tactical moves.

Market Instabilities and Opportunities

The macro environment has proven to be highly conducive for systematic hedge funds, with multiple sources of instability driving trend formation. Factors like the impacts of El NiΓ±o, interest rate normalization, and heightened geopolitical risks have all contributed to creating favorable conditions for these strategies.

Despite the overall success, one area that has posed challenges for these funds is fixed income. The uncertainty surrounding the timing of interest rate cuts has led to some dispersion in performance, with trends fluctuating unpredictably.

Overall, systematic hedge funds have managed to navigate the volatile market waters amidst rising cocoa prices and geopolitical uncertainties, showcasing their prowess in leveraging coding and algorithms to outperform their peers.

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