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An Inside Look at John Kerry’s Impact on US Climate Initiatives

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By Roger Lowenstein

The Legacy of John Kerry

John Kerry, the seasoned 80-year-old public servant, is bidding farewell to his role as President Joe Biden’s special envoy on climate change. Over his remarkable six-decade career, Kerry managed to restore the United States’ standing in global climate diplomacy, despite lingering doubt on the global stage regarding American policy commitments.

Kerry’s tenure is recognized for revitalizing U.S. climate relations with China and advocating for private sector involvement in climate action. However, these accomplishments unfolded against the paradox of the United States emerging as the world’s largest producer of climate-polluting oil and gas.

Looking ahead, Kerry shared plans to continue his climate advocacy beyond the confines of the government; his specific post-departure endeavors remain undisclosed. Expressing his post-envoy ambitions, Kerry mentioned being better positioned to leverage, nudge, and press for climate action.

A Shifting Landscape Under New Leadership

As Kerry steps back, John Podesta steps up to fill his shoes. Tasked with navigating a tumultuous year in climate policy leading up to the upcoming U.S. election on Nov. 5, the new special envoy faces challenges amid speculations that the Biden administration might dilute proposed climate regulations for power plants, automobiles, and climate financial transparency.

Kerry assumed his role as special envoy in 2021, succeeding a tumultuous period under the Trump administration, which saw the U.S. retreat from global climate leadership by exiting the 2015 Paris Agreement. The threat looms of a repeat if Trump seizes power again.

Overcoming Political Hurdles Through Collaborative Efforts

Kerry’s initiatives faced hurdles in a politically bifurcated Congress, limiting U.S. contributions to global climate finances due to Republican resistance. Samantha Power, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development, flagged this bipartisan discord as a significant challenge for U.S. climate policy, resonating globally.

Despite the limitations, Kerry forged public-private coalitions to drive momentum. His brainchild, the 2021 Global Methane Pledge, saw nearly 150 nations commit to reducing methane emissions and raised over $1 billion in grant funding. The First Movers Coalition enlisted close to a hundred companies, including Ford and Holcim, in pledging to adopt climate-friendly technologies.

A Focus on International Relations

One of Kerry’s notable accomplishments was nurturing the U.S.-China climate relationship, a brainwave from his term as secretary of state under President Obama. Sustaining this alliance through turbulent times and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic laid the groundwork for critical climate accords such as the 2015 Paris Agreement and the 2021 Glasgow Pact.

Gina McCarthy, Biden’s climate adviser, hailed Kerry’s consistent engagement with Chinese officials during the turbulent Trump era, highlighting the resilience of the U.S.-China climate bond despite political headwinds.

As Kerry bids adieu, his efforts lay bare the complex interplay of diplomacy, political will, and corporate involvement in combating climate change. The road ahead remains fraught with challenges, but Kerry’s legacy underscores the imperative of global cooperation and sustained climate advocacy.

(Reporting by Roger Lowenstein; editing by [Editor’s Name])

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