Home Market News Apple’s iOS 18 Revolutionizes AirPods Pro with ‘Hearing Aid Mode’: Insights Unveiled

Apple’s iOS 18 Revolutionizes AirPods Pro with ‘Hearing Aid Mode’: Insights Unveiled

Apple’s iOS 18 Revolutionizes AirPods Pro with ‘Hearing Aid Mode’: Insights Unveiled

Apple Inc. AAPL is reportedly set to unveil a groundbreaking feature, “hearing aid mode,” with the forthcoming iOS 18 update for its AirPods Pro.

Key Insights: In his recent ‘Power On’ newsletter, esteemed Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman hinted that while there won’t be any hardware upgrades for AirPods Pro this year, a significant development looms in the form of a cutting-edge “hearing aid mode” debuting alongside iOS 18, as reported by 9To5Mac.

This highly-anticipated mode is poised to enhance the existing Live Listen feature, which made its debut back in iOS 12 in 2018. Live Listen essentially transforms an iPhone into a directional microphone, delivering real-time audio to the AirPods.

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Furthermore, in 2021, Apple introduced a Conversation Boost functionality to the AirPods Pro, enhancing microphone pickup directly in front of the user. A study in 2022 revealed that the existing features on AirPods Pro stand favorable against pricier specialized devices.

While details about the new “hearing aid mode” remain scant, this isn’t the first time Gurman has hinted at Apple’s plans to integrate new hearing health features into the AirPods. Last year, he also alluded to Apple working on a hearing test feature for future iterations of AirPods.

Significance of the Update: The introduction of the “hearing aid mode” aligns seamlessly with Apple’s overarching strategy to enrich accessibility features in its imminent iOS 18 and macOS 15 updates.

Earlier reports indicated that these updates are tailored to make Apple’s devices more user-friendly and inclusive, featuring innovative functionalities like Adaptive Voice Shortcuts and an upgraded Live Speech function.

iOS 18 is poised to be a watershed moment in the iPhone’s history, with rumored upgrades such as RCS support in the Message app and enhanced Siri capabilities.

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