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Examining the Discrepancy: Are Cannabis Regulations Hindering the Industry Compared to Beer?

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Luke Anderson, one of the co-founders of Cann, introduced a thought-provoking query that resonated throughout the recent Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference held in Miami. The question was simple yet impactful: β€œShouldn’t we rethink potency-based regulations?” Anderson highlighted the contrasting treatment of cannabis and beer within regulatory frameworks.

To explore this topic further, join Anderson at the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago. Participate in the discussion on β€œGoing Mainstream: Positioning Your Cannabis Brand as a Consumer Packaged Goods Product” with industry experts from Wana Brands, Acreage Holdings Inc (ACRHF), and Jones Soda Co (JSDA). Mark your calendars for September 27-28.

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Challenging Established Beliefs: Reevaluating Cannabis Through the Lens of Beer

Anderson expressed his preparedness to defend the cannabis industry’s safety if any regulatory restrictions were lifted. In the eyes of devoted Cann supporters, cannabis is viewed as no more dangerous, and potentially even less dangerous, than beer. This sentiment extends beyond the cannabis industry, as veterans of the alcohol market share a similar perspective. During the panel discussion, Smoke Wallin, a seasoned figure in the alcohol industry and the president and CEO of hemp brand Vertical Wellness Inc. and STS managing director, engaged with Anderson. Wallin’s analogy shed light on the perceived effects of the two substances: β€œIf I were to put 10 guys in a room and give them unlimited beer, there might be a fight. They might pass out, or in theory, someone could even die. However, if I did the same with 10 guys and give them unlimited cann, they would probably order pizza and fall asleep.”

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This insightful exchange, comparing the outcomes of excessive beer consumption to cannabis consumption, serves as a call to reevaluate current regulatory norms. The combination of Wallin’s perspective and Anderson’s insights suggests that the current stance may not only lack foundation but also be counterintuitive.

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, known as a hub for cannabis thought leadership, featured many enlightening discussions. After its recent success in Miami, anticipation is already building for the next conference taking place in Chicago on September 27 and 28. For all information about the conference, please visit bzcannabis.com.

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