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Insider Trading Insights: Notable Stock Moves Unveiled

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While U.S. stocks strutted higher on Monday, the limelight belonged to a select few insider trades.

When those on the inside scoop up shares, it’s akin to them tipping their handβ€”showing belief in the company’s future or an undervalued stock, a beacon for investors to go long on the stock. Insider purchases unveil an opportunity to bolster conviction in investment decisions.

Here’s a peek at some recent engaging insider transactions. For more, delve into Benzinga’s insider transactions platform.


  • The Buzz: Cardlytics, Inc. CDLX beheld 10% owner Clifford Sosin scoop up 661,715 shares at a mean price of $13.55. This share carousel cost approximately $8.96 million.
  • The Lowdown: On March 18, Cardlytics inked an Equity Distribution Agreement enabling the company to issue and disperse up to $50 million intermittently.
  • Cardlytics’ Pursuit: Cardlytics Inc captivates audiences through an advertising platform nestled in the digital nooks of financial institutions, encompassing online, mobile, email, and varied real-time notifications.


  • The Buzz: AerSale Corporation ASLE maestro Nicolas Finazzo buoyed 35,277 shares at an average of $7.52 per share. The price tag for this share-hopping fiesta? Around $265,360.
  • The Scoop: On March 7, AerSale unleashed its fourth-quarter financial results, which appeared less stellar than anticipated.
  • AerSale’s Domain: AerSale Corp serves as a versatile leader in aviation aftermarket products and services.

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Paragon 28

  • The Buzz: Paragon 28, Inc. FNA virtuoso Albert Dacosta acquired 28,000 shares at $9.12 per share, costing about $255,225.
  • The Scoop: On Feb. 29, Paragon 28 showcased quarter sales that outstripped expectations.
  • Paragon 28’s Landscape: Paragon 28 Inc steers the medical devices sphere, crafting, vending, and distributing medical devices targeting the foot and ankle niche of the orthopedic implant marketplace.

Kinetik Holdings

  • The Buzz: Kinetik Holdings Inc. KNTK key player Jamie Welch procured 14,814 shares at an average price of $33.75. Akin to staking a claim, the insider invested nearly $499,972 in the share pot.
  • The Scoop: On March 14, Kinetik Holdings disclosed details of a secondary offering showcasing 11,373,801 shares up for grabs at $33.75 each.
  • Kinetik Holdings’ Dance: Kinetik is an orchestra conductor of the midstream realm, offering gathering and processing services to gas and oil producers, as well as pipeline transportation.


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