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Artist Coldie Depicts Pascal Gauthier in 3D NFT Art Piece

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Coldie, a digital artist, has created a 3D image of Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) as part of a special NFT series. The artwork is available for auction, offering a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and crypto investors alike.

Coldie’s Artistic Approach

Coldie’s artistic journey began in 2009, and his fascination with stereoscopic 3D imaging led him to create NFTs using the blockchain as a medium. His depiction of Pascal Gauthier embraces the concept of 3D art, emphasizing the CEO’s role in safeguarding digital assets. The artwork can be viewed using a variety of 3D methods, symbolizing Ledger’s growth trajectory and future prospects.

Coldie's depiction of Pascal Gauthier for Most Influential 2023.

Emphasizing Pascal Gauthier’s Strong Features

Coldie aimed to accentuate Pascal Gauthier’s robust personality and facial attributes in the artwork, portraying his resilience and ability to lead in the face of intense scrutiny and pressure.

Insights on NFT Art

On the subject of influential NFT artists, Coldie stressed the collective impact of digital artists in shaping the future of tokenized assets, beyond the realm of art. He also highlighted the ongoing disruptive influence of Rare Pepes in the digital art landscape.

Outlook on the Future of NFT Art

Expressing optimism for the future, Coldie asserted the potential for rare digital assets to revolutionize the art world, particularly through the paradigm shift of artist secondary royalties. He sees a bright future for tokenized art, offering new opportunities for artists and reshaping the traditional support framework for their work.

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