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An Insider’s Peek Into Recent Stock Sales: BlackRock, Wendy’s, and More

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The Nasdaq 100 closed higher by more than 250 points on Friday, a triumph reminiscent of the marketโ€™s previous ebbs and flows.

Insider trading, a nuanced tango of strategy and instinct, remains a subject of much scrutiny. When insiders sell shares, the message conveyed could be dire or benign, a siren or a soft whisper in the night.

These insider sales, a splash of color on an otherwise monochrome canvas, offer a peek into the minds of those who steer the ship. Yet, prudence whispers, their actions a mere shadow in a landscape marred by ambiguity.

Below lies a glimpse into recent insider stirrings, a twitch in the fabric of the market tapestry. For a more exhaustive view, the Benzingaโ€™s insider transactions platform stands at the ready.

Embarking on the iRobot Journey

  • The Transaction: iRobot Corporation IRBT Director Colin M Angle set sail on a voyage of share-selling, parting ways with 179,503 shares at an average price of $11.46, reaping around $2.06 million from the bounty.
  • Turbulence Alert: On Feb. 26, iRobot reported a medley of fourth-quarter financial results, a tempest in the teacup of the Wall Street quarter.
  • The iRobot Odyssey: iRobot Corp, a trailblazer in consumer robotics, crafts solutions that span the nooks and crannies of both home and hearth.

Adventures of JELD-WEN Holding

  • The Expedition: JELD-WEN Holding, Inc. JELD Director Roderick Wendt embarked on a journey of share-selling, relinquishing 50,150 shares at an average price of $27.37, amassing around $1.35 million in treasure.
  • Plot Twist: On Feb. 19, JELD-WEN unveiled better-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings, a meteor after the market dusk.
  • The JELD-WEN Chronicle: JELD-WEN Holding Inc, a maestro in door and window craftsmanship, forges a path through both interior and exterior building products.

Decoding BlackRockโ€™s Symphony

  • The Performance: BlackRock, Inc. BLK Chairman and CEO Laurence Fink orchestrated a concerto of share-selling, shedding 30,978 shares at an average price of $809.92, reaping around $25.09 million in applause.
  • Harmonious Notes: On Jan. 12, BlackRock reported bounteous fourth-quarter revenue growth, a sonnet that lingered above the consensus of $4.627 billion.
  • The BlackRock Sonata: BlackRock, the behemoth of asset management, with a treasury of $10.008 trillion in assets under its stewardship at the curtain fall of December 2023.

Unveiling Wendyโ€™s Tale

  • The Story: The Wendyโ€™s Company WEN Director Kenneth W Gilbert revealed a chapter of share-selling, parting ways with 4,500 shares at an average price of $18.07, pocketing around $81,315 in royalties.
  • The Plot Thickens: On Feb. 15, Wendyโ€™s unveiled its fourth-quarter FY23 results, a narrative arc that fell short by a smidgeโ€”missing the analyst consensus estimate by a hair.
  • The Wendyโ€™s Saga: The Wendyโ€™s Company, a stalwart in the burger QSR realm, waltzing as the second-largest chain in the United States by systemwide sales, a runner-up in the feast beside goliaths, with its laurels resting in the shadow of McDonaldโ€™s.


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