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C-Suite Shake-ups at Mining Companies Send Shockwaves through Industry

C-Suite Shake-ups at Mining Companies Send Shockwaves through Industry

Well, it seems like the mining world is in a tizzy with all the shuffling going on in the high ranks of these companies. Let me fill you in on a little gossip. So, Timothy S. Bedard just landed himself the gig of Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at CNX Resources. And let me tell you, Heliostar Metals scored a real winner with Gregg Bush hopping on board as their new Chief Operating Officer, coming fresh from his role at Capstone Mining. Meanwhile, over at Honey Badger Silver, Dan O’Brien has grabbed the reins as the new Chief Financial Officer, taking over from Donna McLean.

Guess what? The tides of change are rolling over at Lundin Mining too, with former president Jack Lundin stepping into the role of CEO since the start of the year. Maritime Resources also saw some movement, when corporate secretary Lorna D. MacGillivray waved her goodbyes, clearing the way for Germaine Coombs, who also pulls double duty as Chief Financial Officer.

Not to be left out of the spotlight, Miata Metals brought in John Wenger as their new CFO. And then there’s Orea Mining, where the departure of CFO Ivonne Maldonato paved the way for Daniela Freitas to take the hot seat, also doubling as corporate secretary.

But hold on to your hats, folks! The rumour mill has it that Vale Base Metals is bidding farewell to CEO Deshnee Naidoo come March 31. What a doozy! Oh, and over at Zeb Nickel, the non-executive chair James Nieuwenhuys is taking over as CEO. Don’t worry, Richard Montjoie is sticking around as VP of Exploration.

Board changes:

Now, let’s switch gears to the musical chairs being played at the board level. Harley Slade has snagged a spot on the Go Metals board, stepping in for Adrian Smith. Then, over at Maritime Resources, Allen J. Palmiere and Matthew Goodman were welcomed aboard, while Mark Ashcroft decided to call it quits.

Orea Mining also had a little shuffle at their board, bringing in former VP Corporate Affairs Jorge Martinez, and bidding farewell to Peter Gianulis. Meanwhile, Premium Nickel Resources extended a board seat to James (Jim) Gowans as chair, and Silver Bullet Mines had John Kontak join their board ranks.