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Cage-Free Report 2023: Assessing The Social Responsibility Of Cannabis Giants

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Assessing Social Responsibility in the Cannabis Industry

Cage-Free Repair, a non-profit organization associated with Cage-Free Cannabis, has published its highly anticipated 2023 Cannabis Social Responsibility Report. The report examines the social responsibility initiatives of 20 prominent cannabis firms in North America, including companies like Tilray Brands Inc. (TLRY) and Cookies.

In this comprehensive research, the report objectively evaluates these cannabis companies based on their publicly stated commitments to social responsibility. The goal is to gauge their efforts in promoting and upholding socially equitable practices.

A Unique Scoring Mechanism

The report utilizes a distinct scoring system to quantify the socially equitable practices of each company. Recognizing the historical context of cannabis prohibition, the researchers have developed three justice pillars for assessment: distributive justice, retributive justice, and environmental justice. To be deemed socially equitable, initiatives or business practices should align with at least one of these justice categories.

However, it should be noted that the findings in the report may be preliminary due to verification limitations and undisclosed practices.

Promoting Restorative Action and Sustainable Progress

As stated in the press release, Justice Wahid Cotton, one of the project’s researchers, emphasized that social responsibility requires intentional actions and ongoing assessment of desired outcomes. The report aims to foster restorative action and sustainable progress within the cannabis industry, particularly considering the historical impact of the War on Drugs.

Insights from a Project Advisor

Dr. Frederick W. Gooding Jr., a project advisor and professor at Texas Christian University, highlighted the significance of this research. He expressed concerns regarding the disparity between the appearance and reality of substantive diversity within the profit-seeking sector of the cannabis industry.

Advancing Justice: The Mission of Cage-Free Repair

The 2023 report concludes by underlining Cage-Free Repair’s mission to collaborate with cannabis businesses, patients, and consumers to foster three primary types of justice: reparative justice, economic justice, and environmental justice.

Shaping the Cannabis Future at Benzinga’s Capital Conference

For more information about this important topic and other relevant insights, join us at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. This conference is the largest gathering of cannabis decision-makers, founders, investors, and advocates, taking place on Sept. 27-28 at the Magnificent Mile Marriot Hotel in Chicago.

  • Gain valuable insights from panel discussions such as β€œSocial Equity Stories: What Worked And What Didn’t,” featuring industry experts Leah Bailey (Blounts&Moore), Tahir Johnson (Simply Pure), and Annu Khot (Sociale Dispensary). Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, engage, and contribute to shaping a more inclusive cannabis future.

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