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Clearmind Medicine Celebrates Success With New Weight Loss Program

Clearmind Medicine Celebrates Success With New Weight Loss Program

Clearmind Medicine Inc. CMND shares are soaring today following the company’s release of promising results from its revolutionary weight loss and metabolic disorder program.

Promising Results: Clearmind Medicine Inc. revealed positive outcomes from its pre-clinical trial involving a combination of Clearmind’s MEAI and SciSparc’s Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). The trial sought to identify the optimal dosage for the combination, assess its safety, and gauge its impact on various metabolic and behavioral factors.

Clearmind’s CEO, Adi Zuloff-Shani, expressed excitement about the latest results, highlighting the escalating demand for weight loss medications despite their severe side effects and hospitalization risks. Zuloff-Shani emphasized the potential of MEAI as a significantly safer alternative to existing weight-loss drugs, attributing this to the consistently positive results and excellent safety profile.

He praised Clearmind’s treatment for its ability to target fat loss while maintaining and boosting energy levels, motivation, and other positive influences. The breakthrough results have bolstered confidence in Clearmind’s MEAI-based treatment, including the combination with SciSparc’s PEA.

Shares of Clearmind Medicine experienced a surge in trading volume on Tuesday. Data from Benzinga Pro indicated a trading volume of 3.60 million shares, significantly surpassing the average volume of 71,163.

Furthermore, the stock witnessed a temporary halt in trading followed by a resumption during the Tuesday session.

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CMND Price Action: At the time of publication, CMND shares were enjoying a 2.36% increase, reaching $3.08, as reported by Benzinga Pro.

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