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The Fascinating World of Cohen & Steers Dividend Declaration

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The New Dividend Landscape

On February 22, 2024, Cohen & Steers announced a boost in its regular quarterly dividend to $0.59 per share ($2.36 annually), up from $0.57 per share. Shareholders as of March 4, 2024, can anticipate the payout on March 14, 2024. Considering the current share price of $71.75 per share, the stock’s dividend yield hovers at 3.29%.

Stepping back five years and taking recurrent snapshots, the average dividend yield has stood at 4.81%, with the lowest at 2.92% and the highest cresting at 10.20%. A statistical deep dive reveals a standard deviation of 1.67 (n=234), with the current yield trailing 0.91 standard deviations below the historical average.

The Tell-Tale Payout Ratio

Delving into Cohen & Steers’ financial matrix uncovers a dividend payout ratio of 0.87 – shedding light on the percentage of the company’s income distributed as dividends. A ratio of one (1.0) typifies a 100% income dividend payout. When this figure exceeds one, it signals a dip into reserves to sustain dividends, a precarious scenario. Entities with limited growth outlooks are poised to channel a lion’s share of their earnings into dividends, thus yielding a payout ratio ranging between 0.5 and 1.0. Contrarily, firms with robust growth prospects are expected to reinvest earnings rather than redistributing them, sporting a payout ratio between zero and 0.5. Cohen & Steers reveals a 3-year dividend growth rate of -0.11%.

Insight into Market Sentiment

In the domain of funds and institutions, 448 entities have bared their positions in Cohen & Steers. This mirrored a 4.67% uptick in owners during the last quarter. The carte blanche of funds devoted to CNS stands at 0.17% on average, witnessing an upswing of 5.20%. Institutional shares sprinted up by 4.45% over the past three months to 35,647K shares. The put/call ratio of CNS weighs in at an optimistic 0.08.

Forecasted Ascension

Forecasting the trajectory unveils a one-year price target averaging $74.46 for Cohen & Steers as of February 24, 2024. Projections oscillate from a low of $69.69 to a peak of $80.85, translating to a 3.78% upswing from the latest closing price of $71.75. The envisioned annual revenue projection hits $565MM, forging a 15.31% surge. Additionally, the anticipated annual non-GAAP EPS stands at 3.10.

Strategic Shareholder Maneuvers

Wasatch Advisors, with a 4.89% stake in Cohen & Steers, fortified its ownership from 1,570K shares to 2,421K shares – a 35.16% climb. Conversely, Bamco trimmed its ownership by 3.29% to a 4.40% stake following the ownership dip to 2,178K shares. BGRFX – BARON GROWTH FUND clung to a 3.63% ownership with 1,800K shares after a 3.33% drop, while Victory Capital Management’s 3.40% share (1,681K shares) marked a 29.77% retreat in the last quarter. Clearbridge Investments maintained its 2.60% stake with 1,290K shares.

Unveiling Cohen & Steers Legacy

Founded in 1986, Cohen & Steers shines as a global investment juggernaut, specializing in liquid real assets, encompassing real estate securities, listed infrastructure, natural resource equities, preferred securities, and other income-oriented solutions. Headquartered in New York City, the firm’s presence spans across London, Dublin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

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