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Revolutionary Cybertruck Design Stands Firm Amidst Car Wash Controversy

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Surakarta Indonesia October 20 2022 5

Community Divide

The Tesla enthusiast community, particularly on X, is currently debating the Cybertruckโ€™s compatibility with automatic car washes. While some users argue for the possibility due to the presence of a car wash mode, others emphasize Teslaโ€™s recommendation against automated washing.

Engineerโ€™s Riposte

A screenshot of the Cybertruckโ€™s manual circulating on X reads, โ€œCybertruck is bulletproof but Tesla suggests you shouldnโ€™t take it through a car wash.โ€ In response to this, Cybertruck lead engineer Wes Morrill chimed in humorously, saying, โ€œTo be fair, the manual doesnโ€™t suggest you shoot it either.โ€

Automatic Wash Guidelines

While the ownerโ€™s manual leans towards hand washing, the possibility of using an automatic car wash is not entirely dismissed. Tesla advises opting for touchless automatic washes to avoid physical contact with the vehicleโ€™s surface, especially highlighting the use of soaps with a pH below 13 to maintain the exterior trimโ€™s color.

Activating the car wash mode is emphasized to secure the vehicle adequately. This mode initiates the closure of windows, locks the charge port, and deactivates various features like the windshield wipers, sentry mode, and walk-away door locking to prevent potential damage. Notably, any harm from car wash incidents or incorrect washing methods is excluded from warranty coverage.

Optimal Cleaning Techniques

Tesla suggests hand washing the Cybertruck using a pH-neutral soap and water or a pH-neutral waterless wash in conjunction with a microfiber towel. Quick removal of corrosive substances like grease, oil, or industrial residues is advised, with the use of denatured alcohol for stubborn stains, while steering clear of abrasive cleaners.

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