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Dive into Dividends: HONE,MKC,GBCI,UBFO,SAND Dive into Dividends: A Feast for Shareholders

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<html lang= Dive into Dividends: HONE,MKC,GBCI,UBFO,SAND Dive into Dividends: A Feast for Shareholders" title=" Dive into Dividends: HONE,MKC,GBCI,UBFO,SAND Dive into Dividends: A Feast for Shareholders" />

HarborOne Bancorp Sets Sail Toward Better Returns

HarborOne Bancorp, the custodian of HarborOne Bank’s fortunes, has cast its dividend net wider, announcing a savory return for its stakeholders. The Board of Directors has sprinkled an additional $0.005 per share into the latest dividend for an impressive 6.7% increment from the previous distribution on January 18, 2024. Come April 24, 2024, all shareholders of record as of April 10, 2024, will collect their portion.

McCormick Celebrates a Century of Consistency

Meanwhile, the aromatic giant McCormick spices up the dividend scene, seasoning its quarterly offering with a $0.42-per-share dividend. Shareholders, mark your calendars for April 22, 2024, as the historic dividend clocks a century of punctuality, rewarding those who stood steadfast as loyal investors.

Glacier Bancorp Carves Out Another Generous Dividend

Glacier Bancorp’s Board of Directors, artisans of financial stewardship, have sculpted a $0.33-per-share dividend declaration during their recent conclave. This act marks the 156th quarterly dividend assembled by the Company, now enhanced for the 49th time. Shareholders can expect their due on April 18, 2024, preserving Glacier Bancorp’s tradition of rewarding its faithful.

United Security Bancshares Locks in Returns for Investors

United Security Bancshares, the vigilant guardian overseeing United Security Bank’s assets, has reaffirmed its commitment to stakeholders. With a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.12 per share flowing into shareholders’ coffers on April 22, 2024, faithful investors are urged to reflect on their trust in this prudent custodian.

Sandstorm Gold: Unearthing Solid Dividends for Investors

Amidst the dividend bounty, Sandstorm Gold gleams like a precious metal. Its Board of Directors announces a C$0.02-per-share dividend for those who mine the value of their holdings. Shareholders will be rewarded on April 26, 2024, plucking riches from the golden sands of this dividend offering.

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