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Decade of Success: 3 Buy-Rated Stocks with 20% Annualized Returns

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# Decade of Success: 3 Buy-Rated Stocks with Outstanding Annual Returns

Investors are constantly on the lookout for stocks that not only deliver impressive gains but also outperform the market. Over the last decade, three stocks – NVIDIA (NVDA), Progressive (PGR), and Adobe Systems (ADBE) – have achieved precisely that, providing annualized returns of at least 20%.

![Zacks Investment Research](https://staticx-tuner.zacks.com/images/articles/charts/1b/55459.jpg?v=1443494570)


NVIDIA has stood out as one of the best-performing stocks over the last decade. The company’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) has driven substantial share performance, with its Data Center revenues experiencing remarkable growth. Analysts have raised their earnings expectations, with estimates indicating significant earnings and sales growth for the current and subsequent fiscal years.

The demand for NVIDIA’s AI chips continues to soar, further bolstering its financial performance. The company’s upcoming quarterly release is expected to reveal substantial earnings and sales growth, supported by impressive Data Center sales estimates.

NVIDIA’s annualized return over the last decade stands at a remarkable 62%.

## Progressive

Progressive, a prominent American insurance company, has also witnessed a surge in growth. Following its latest quarterly release, the company saw notable increases in Net Premiums Earned and total Policies in Force. Progressive’s growth expectations for the current and next fiscal years reflect strong earnings and revenue growth rates, with the stock carrying a favorable Style Score for Growth.

Over the last decade, Progressive has delivered an annualized return of 22%.

## Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems, one of the leading software companies globally, has enjoyed a favorable sentiment shift for the tech sector in 2023, driving its shares up by over 75%. The company is set to reveal its next quarterly results, with consensus expectations suggesting robust earnings and sales growth. Adobe has consistently beaten consensus revenue and earnings expectations for 13 consecutive releases, further solidifying its performance.

Adobe’s annualized return over the last decade stands at an impressive 26%.

## Bottom Line

All three stocks – NVIDIA, Progressive, and Adobe Systems – have surpassed the market’s performance over the last decade, delivering annualized returns of over 20%. Moreover, all three currently hold a favorable Zacks Rank, indicating optimism among analysts.

### Conclusion

The consistent outperformance of these stocks, along with favorable analyst sentiment, establishes them as compelling options for investors seeking market-beating returns.

**Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.**

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