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Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Raises Millions: What It Means for His Presidential Campaign and Ron DeSantis

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Former President Donald Trump has emerged as a strong contender for the 2024 presidential election. As the race between Republican and Democratic candidates intensifies, Trump recently announced a staggering fundraising success to support his campaign.

Trumpโ€™s highly anticipated mug shot, stemming from several indictments and potential federal charges, quickly went viral upon its release. The Trump campaign wasted no time in monetizing the image, utilizing it as a campaign push to drive donations and sell merchandise. Trump even made his first post in over two years on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing his mug shot and a link to his election campaign.

The Fundraising Haul

Trump and his campaign team have proudly announced that they raised an impressive $45.5 million during the months of July, August, and September. A significant portion of this amount can be attributed to the viral mug shot.

Comparison with Ron DeSantis

According to The New York Times, Trumpโ€™s campaign windfall is roughly three times the amount raised by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during the same period. DeSantis had approximately $5 million at the start of October, compared to the $15 million he raised in the third quarter.

Implications for the Campaign

The Trump campaign, in response to DeSantisโ€™s fundraising total, suggests that these figures may indicate a potential setback for DeSantisโ€™s candidacy. They believe that the $15 million raised by DeSantis could be a โ€œgrave indicationโ€ that his campaign may not survive until the Iowa caucuses in January or even the end of the month.

Trumpโ€™s Financial Standing

With $37.5 million on hand as the month of October begins, Trumpโ€™s campaign is well-positioned as the one-year mark to the 2024 presidential election approaches. Out of the total amount, $36 million can be allocated for the 2024 Republican primary race.

Continued Growth and Dominance

The latest figures demonstrate Trumpโ€™s significant growth in fundraising during the third quarter, reinforcing his dominant position over other Republican candidates. In the most recent Morning Consult poll, Trump holds a 48-point advantage over DeSantis, consistently maintaining his lead for months.

Record-Breaking Advertising Spending

The 2024 election cycle is poised to smash records in terms of advertising spending, with an estimated total of $10.2 billion. This figure represents a 13% increase from the 2020 election, benefitting both local and national media companies, as well as social media platforms.

Implications for Stocks

The news of Trumpโ€™s fundraising success and his advantage over DeSantis could potentially impact the stock associated with the former president, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). DWAC is in the process of merging with Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which includes the Truth Social platform where Trump actively communicates with his followers.

DWAC Share Update

As of Thursday, Digital World Acquisition shares are down 0.63% to $15.80. The ongoing civil fraud lawsuit against Trump in New York may have contributed to the fluctuations in DWACโ€™s trading activity.


Donald Trumpโ€™s mug shot has become a lucrative asset for his campaign, leading to a substantial increase in fundraising. With his dominant position in the polls and his significant financial advantage over competitors like Ron DeSantis, Trumpโ€™s momentum seems unstoppable as he strives for a potential presidential comeback in 2024.

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