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Dow Jones Movers Walmart Leads, Caterpillar Lags in Dow Jones Industrial Average

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As the sun rises on the trading floor, the retail giant Walmart Inc is stealing the show, taking the lead as the best performing Dow Jones Industrial Average component. Walmart’s shares surged by a remarkable 5.3% in early trading on this Tuesday, cementing its dominance. It’s not just a fluke, as Walmart Inc has been on a roll this year, registering an impressive 13.8% gain year to date.

On the other hand, the heavy machinery behemoth Caterpillar is grappling on the other end of the spectrum, marking a disappointing 1.4% decline in early trading. Looking at the broader picture, Caterpillar has managed only a marginal gain of 7.4% in its year-to-date performance. It seems that this industrial powerhouse is not living up to the expectations today.

Turning our attention to other movers and shakers, Visa is feeling the heat, trading down 1.3%. Meanwhile, Intel is basking in the glory, trading up 1.4% on the day, making its presence known in the market.

Dow Movers: CAT, WMT

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