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Enveric Biosciences Secures US Patent for Innovative Anxiety Treatment

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Enveric Biosciences, a leading biotech company, has been granted a new US patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their groundbreaking anxiety treatment, EB-373. This patent covers the development and use of C4-substituted tryptamine derivatives and C4-carbonothiate-substituted tryptamine derivatives as psilocin prodrugs.

Utilizing these new enhancements to the tryptamine chemical structure, Enveric aims to create a more effective and optimized treatment for anxiety disorder. Unlike traditional psilocin prodrugs like psilocybin, EB-373 offers a more rapid onset of action, controlled therapeutic effects, and reduced gastrointestinal side effects.

Dr. Joseph Tucker, Enveric’s CEO, believes that while existing tryptamines have shown promise in treating psychiatric diseases, they do not provide consistent and predictable neuroplasticity. This often leads to intense psychedelic experiences that hinder widespread therapeutic use. Through their research and development efforts, Enveric aims to create innovative compounds that generate neuroplastic changes without unwanted side effects, making them efficacious treatments for critical mental health disorders.

Enveric is currently advancing both the EB-373 and EVM201 and EVM301 series, with the goal of obtaining additional patents to protect their proprietary assets. They have seen promising results in preclinical studies, demonstrating the efficient prodrug parameters of EB-373 and its ability to induce psilocin generation in mice. Additionally, EB-373 has shown anxiolytic benefits in a behavioral model of anxiety, lasting up to 7 days post-dose.

Enveric’s commitment to innovation and intellectual property protection is a key driver of their growth. The company anticipates further US patents to be issued in the coming months, solidifying their position as a leader in next-generation mental health care.

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Source: Benzinga.com

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