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Era of the Lundin Dynasty: Jack Lundin takes the helm of Lundin Mining

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The times under Rockandel’s leadership were marked by the acquisition of the majority stake in the Caserones copper mine in Chile. Additionally, the relocation of the company’s headquarters back to Vancouver from Toronto, where most of the Lundin family resides, was initiated during his tenure.

However, the move sparked a cascade of leadership departures, including at least three vice-presidents.

Now, with Jack Lundin assuming control, the company’s top positions are held by siblings, as his brother Adam currently serves as Lundin Mining’s chairman.

Controlling nearly 15% of the stake, the Lundin family stands as the largest shareholder in Lundin Mining, a conglomerate that encompasses mining, renewable energy, and oil and gas operations, and was established by Jack and Adam’s grandfather, Adolph Lundin.

Lundin Mining’s operations span across South America, with mines in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina producing copper and gold. The company derives approximately 65% of its annual revenue from copper and also boasts operations in Portugal, Sweden, and the United States.


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