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Insights on Upcoming Dividends: Thor Industries, John Wiley & Sons, and Dollar General

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Ex-Dividend Dates Approach

Anticipation stirs in the realm of stocks as we gear up for the ex-dividend dates of three noteworthy companies at Dividend Channel on 4/8/24. Thor Industries, Inc. (Symbol: THO), John Wiley & Sons Inc. (Symbol: WLY), along with Dollar General Corp (Symbol: DG), are all set to trade ex-dividend for their impending dividends. Thor Industries, Inc. will distribute its $0.48 quarterly dividend on 4/23/24, while John Wiley & Sons Inc. will roll out its $0.35 quarterly dividend on 4/25/24. Additionally, Dollar General Corp’s quarterly dividend of $0.59 will be available on 4/23/24.

Impact on Stock Prices

The fractional nature of these dividends in relation to the recent stock prices brings a sense of modesty – with THO’s dividend amounting to approximately 0.43% at a current stock price of $112.51. Consequently, one might witness Thor Industries, Inc. shares dipping by 0.43% as they commence trading on 4/8/24. Investors should also brace themselves for WLY’s shares to start 0.91% lower, and DG’s shares to begin trading 0.37% lower, all else being equal.

Historical Dividend Insights

Take a nostalgic journey with the dividend history charts of THO, WLY, and DG, displaying the dividends of yesteryears prior to the most recently declared ones.

Thor Industries, Inc. (Symbol: THO):

John Wiley & Sons Inc. (Symbol: WLY):

Dollar General Corp (Symbol: DG):

Stability Check and Yield Estimates

Dividends often dance to the capricious tunes of company profits over time. Thus, peering into the historical foliage could assist in conjuring an anticipation of the annual yield ahead. The current estimated yields on an annualized basis stand at 1.71% for Thor Industries, Inc., 3.64% for John Wiley & Sons Inc., and 1.48% for Dollar General Corp should the dividends persist.

In today’s stock market tango, Thor Industries, Inc. shares sway about 0.2% lower, John Wiley & Sons Inc. shares pirouette up approximately 0.1%, while Dollar General Corp shares whirl enthusiastically about 2.8% higher, painting a colorful canvas in the market’s tent.

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Further Information:

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