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Eyenovia Sees Surge in Insider Buys, Bucking Market Trend

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The Dow Jones closed lower by around 80 points on Tuesday, but one small-cap stock is thumbing its nose at the bears by seeing a surge in insider buying. When insiders are snapping up shares like candy at a parade, it’s a sign of faith in the company and a giant raspberry blown at any doubters. Investors and traders interested in penny stocks now have some juicy food for thought and might want to ponder these moves in their overall strategy.

Below is a look at a few recent notable insider transactions for some penny stocks. For more shenanigans, check out Benzinga’s insider transactions platform, where all the drama unfolds.

Stereotaxis Gives Wall Street the Slip

  • The Trade: Oh, look at this, you wouldn’t believe it. Stereotaxis, Inc. (STXS) Director Paul J Isaac acquired a total of 2,808 shares for an average price of $1.56. Cost him a cool $4,380.
  • What’s Happening: Well, butter me up and call me a biscuit! On Nov. 9, Stereotaxis pouted about its not-so-happy quarterly results.
  • What Stereotaxis Does: Stereotaxis Inc is in the business of robotic hocus pocus, working on fixing wonky heartbeats and poking around in blood vessels.

Retractable Technologies Dancing Through the Numbers

  • The Trade: Retractable Technologies, Inc. (RVP) President and CEO Thomas J Shaw took home 1,595 shares for a song at an average price of $1.13. Only cost him $1,799.
  • What’s Happening: On Nov. 14, Retractable Technologies wasn’t feeling so chipper about its $8.7 million shortfall in operations for the first nine months of 2023.
  • What Retractable Technologies Does: Oh, they’re the folks behind those fancy safety syringes and other medical gizmos. You know, the things that go ouch and make you feel better at the same time. Ouch.

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VerifyMe Ups the Ante

  • The Trade: Golly gee, VerifyMe, Inc. (VRME) Director Marshall S Geller brought home 1,100 shares at an average price of $1.04. He ran up a tab of around $1,144 for those shares.
  • What’s Happening: On Nov. 8, VerifyMe blew its own trumpet about perky quarterly results.
  • What VerifyMe Does: They’re the tech wizards playing around with patents that can check if your Gucci is real or your Benjamins are bogus. Basically, they’re in the business of proofing products, people, and money.

Eyenovia Ruffles Feathers in the Best Way

  • The Trade: Well, look at that! Eyenovia, Inc. (EYEN) CEO Michael Rowe made off with 4,890 shares at an average price of $1.36. All it cost him was a smidge over $6,650.
  • What’s Happening: On Nov. 13, Eyenovia startled the market with its perky quarterly sales figures.
  • What Eyenovia Does: Eyenovia Inc is all about the future, tinkering with treatments for eyes using some hoity-toity platform technology called MAP.


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