Home Market News The Week’s Start Brings a Fresh Spin on Bentley Systems’ (BSY) Options Trading

The Week’s Start Brings a Fresh Spin on Bentley Systems’ (BSY) Options Trading

The Week’s Start Brings a Fresh Spin on Bentley Systems’ (BSY) Options Trading

Novel Options Unveiled for Bentley Systems (BSY)

Novice and seasoned investors alike dove headfirst into the thrilling world of options trading this week, mesmerized by the allure of the November 15th expiration dance floor. With 245 days left until the grand finale, momentum gathered around the newly unfurled contracts, offering sellers a tantalizing chance to seize a juicier premium than their close-to-the-vest cousins.

Put Your Bets on the Table: The $40 Strike

Picture this: a put contract at the enigmatic $40.00 strike beckons with a beguiling bid of $1.45. The sagacious investor who ventures to sell-to-open this put commits to snatching the stock at $40.00. Ah, but the promised land doesn’t end there – no, they shall also clutch the premium, firmly nestling the cost basis of the shares at a tantalizing $38.55 (accounting for broker commissions). A shrewd move, indeed.

Crossroads of Risk and Reward

As fate would have it, the $40.00 strike stands as an oasis, an 18% discount from the current stock price – an out-of-the-money haven, if you will. The swirling mists of analytical data whisper of an 82% chance for this put contract to fade into the ether and expire worthless. A gamble? Perhaps. But a vibrant YieldBoost of 3.62% on the cash emboldens this journey, blossoming at 5.40% when painted across the annals of time. A gambit worth pondering, indeed.


Embracing the Call of the Future: The $50 Strike

A whiff of audacity hovers around the call contract nestled at the $50.00 strike, flaunting a fetching bid of $4.90. Imagine this: an investor snags shares of BSY at the current $48.66/share may choose to dance with this call contract – a tantalizing “covered call.” Bracing to sell the stock at $50.00, the call seller draws a map to a nebulous 12.82% return if the stock emanates triumphant rays at the November 15th grand gala (excluding dividends, if any). Eyes glistening, hearts racing, the potential of untold fortunes on the horizon beckons, bridged by the trailing twelve-month trading history of BSY. A tale as old as time, but oh, so thrilling.


Between Promises and Perils Lies the Covered Call

As the sun sets on the $50.00 strike, an untrodden path promising a 3% premium to the present stock price unravels – a dance with the “covered call.” A 44% chance awaits for this covered call contract to bid adieu with vacant hands, leaving the investor with both shares and the enchanting premium collected. The scales teeter, the analytical data oscillates, whispering of a 10.07% additional return whispering in the wind, blooming to 15.00% annually – a spellbinding YieldBoost unfolds before eager eyes.

The implied volatility in the put contract realm stands at 37%, while the call contract corners the market at 34%. In the grand tapestry of the last 251 trading days, coupled with today’s $48.66 price tag, the actual trailing twelve-month volatility spirals at 29% – a tango of numbers, a symphony of movement.

For intrepid souls yearning for more options to tantalize their senses, a voyage to StockOptionsChannel.com beckons, promising new worlds ripe for exploration.

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