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The Insider Scoop: Four Corners Property Trust’s Dividend Strength and Insider Buying Signals

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Peering through the looking glass of the most recent Dividend Channel β€œDividendRank” report, we whisk away only those luminary companies that have recently embraced insider buying as a harbinger of prosperity. Insiders, with their front-row seat to the company’s inner workings, dip into their coffers to purchase shares for a reason β€” likely foreseeing ripe opportunities or burgeoning development. When insider purchases coincide with top-ranking status, it serves as a flickering beacon for investors to heed. One such luminary is Four Corners Property Trust Inc (Symbol: FCPT), graced by the purchasing touch of Director Douglas B. Hansen.

On a brisk day in November, Hansen plunged $107,613.00 into the stock, acquiring 4,950 shares at $21.74 each. Presently, shares are exchanging hands at $24.20, a tidy 11.3% bloom from Hansen’s acquisition price. To sweeten the deal, Hansen has reaped dividends of $0.69 per share post-purchase, marking a robust 14.5% upswing on their initial investment. Despite a -0.98% flux in value today, FCPT shares continue to entice with their allure.

Glancing at the one-year trajectory of FCPT’s performance against its 200-day moving average (seen below), the journey from $20.51 at its nadir to $27.60 at its zenith paints a vivid picture for seasoned and budding investors alike.

Four Corners Property Trust Inc Chart

Comparatively, the insiders’ dealings over the past half-year, as recorded in the table below, unveil a symphony of strategic stock acquisitions:

Purchased Insider Title Shares Price/Share Value
11/06/2023 William H. Lenehan President and CEO 9,000 $22.05 $198,450.00
11/07/2023 Douglas B. Hansen Director 4,950 $21.74 $107,613.00

The DividendRank report underlines FCPT’s compelling valuation and robust profitability metrics. At $24.47 per share, FCPT boasts a price-to-book ratio of 1.8 along with a savory annual dividend yield of 5.64% β€” eclipsing the average across Dividend Channel’s coverage universe, which languishes at 4.6%. Besides, Four Corners Property Trust Inc flaunts a resolute quarterly dividend legacy and nurturing long-term growth prospects across essential fundamental touchpoints.

The report eloquently states, β€œDividend investors with a penchant for value-centered investing seek out stalwart, profitable companies ensconced in the cocoon of attractive valuation. This underpins our unique DividendRank formula, orchestrating a ranking ritual based on profitability and valuation, threading forth a coterie of the cream of the crop stocks β€” a trove of investment propositions ripe for deeper exploration.β€œ

Four Corners Property Trust Inc dons the mantle of an annualized dividend of $1.38 per share, lavishly distributed in quarterly parcels, with the recent dividend ex-date unfurled on 03/27/2024. Delve into the annals of FCPT’s dividend history (seen below), a pivotal compass according to the report, aiding in divining the trajectory of forthcoming dividends.


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