Home Market News Micro Cap Stocks From Fast-Acting Hemp Extracts To Wiz Khalifa Mushroom Kits: Tracking Progressive Trends In Cannabis & Psychedelics

From Fast-Acting Hemp Extracts To Wiz Khalifa Mushroom Kits: Tracking Progressive Trends In Cannabis & Psychedelics

From Fast-Acting Hemp Extracts To Wiz Khalifa Mushroom Kits: Tracking Progressive Trends In Cannabis & Psychedelics

The cannabis and psychedelics industries are experiencing rapid evolution, with companies introducing groundbreaking products and expanding into new markets.

From advanced cannabis delivery systems to organic mushroom grow kits, these innovations are not only transforming consumer options but also promoting health-conscious alternatives for a wide audience.

To delve deeper into these transformative trends, don’t miss the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago on September 27-28. Industry experts like Randa McMinn, chief marketing officer of WM Technology, Inc. (Weedmaps), Patrick Lane, EVP of sales & partnerships at Benzinga, Carlos Pinto, chief commercial officer of Leafly Holdings Inc. (Leafly), and Rachel Boykins, Cannabis Media Council founding board member, will share their insights on how to elevate your cannabis brand in the digital media landscape.

Cresco Labs Expands into Florida’s Market with FloraCal and Cresco Brands

Cresco Labs Inc. (CRLBF) has made a significant impact in the industry by launching its FloraCal and Cresco Brands in Florida’s thriving cannabis market. Co-founder & CEO Charlie Bachtell stated, “Our entry into Florida isn’t just about market expansion; it’s about setting a benchmark in quality and choice for the discerning cannabis consumer.” Bachtell will also be a keynote speaker at the Benzinga Cannabis Event in Chicago.

FloraCal, known for its distinctive cultivation process, has already established a presence in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Cresco Brands, which offers a diverse strain library and product assortment, is accessible in nine states including California, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

The People’s Ecosystem Revolutionizes Edibles with Unlokt Technology

The People’s Ecosystem (TPE), a BIPOC women-owned cannabis group, has introduced Toci Treats powered by Unlokt technology from Day Three Labs (DTL) for release in New Mexico. Toci Treats uses Unlokt, a protein-based delivery system that enhances the absorption of cannabis into the bloodstream, providing a safer and more consistent edible experience. TPE and Day Three Labs are also developing Toci Tabs, a quick-dissolving sublingual cannabis edible with a rapid 5-minute onset. This initiative aims to offer quality cannabis products, especially for those impacted by the War on Drugs.

Entourage Phytolab Launches the Revolutionary Liquid Fusionner

Entourage Phytolab has introduced the Entourage Hemp Extract Liquid Fusionner, utilizing its innovative “fusionner” technology. This hemp extract offers increased bioavailability, allowing users to experience its benefits within 15 minutes, compared to the typical hour-long wait. The Liquid Fusionner’s faster absorption is achieved by partially bypassing the first-pass metabolism, resulting in reduced liver stress and faster uptake. Additionally, its bioavailability is increased by 50%, meaning users require a smaller amount for an effective dose. The Liquid Fusionner can be easily mixed with various beverages, making it versatile for different wellness routines. It addresses a broad audience, targeting needs ranging from sleep issues to migraines.

Organic Mushroom Grow Kits by Red Light Holland Corp and MISTERCAP’S

In the world of psychedelics, Red Light Holland Corp (TRUFF) from Ontario has joined forces with wellness company Mistercap LLC, founded by multi-platinum-selling artist Wiz Khalifa, to launch organic mushroom grow kits in the US and Canada. These MISTERCAP’S kits are available for purchase online and contain Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. They emphasize the health benefits of mushrooms while catering to the growing North American market. The kits are also set to be available in Europe in fall 2023. Two percent of sales will go to the Fungi Foundation, a global organization dedicated to the study and conservation of fungi.


If you’re interested in the ever-evolving world of cannabis and psychedelics, the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is a must-attend event. Join us in Chicago on September 27-28 to gain firsthand knowledge from these industry experts and stay ahead of the curve in these dynamic industries. Visit bzcannabis.com for all the information you need.

Image by Red Light Holland Corp and MISTERCAP’S