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Revolutionizing Car Tunes: Apple’s SharePlay Amps Up CarPlay Music Accessibility With iOS 17

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Gone are the days of battling it out for music control supremacy on road trips. Enter Apple’s iOS 17, a game-changer for group harmony on the highway.

The Breakdown: Apple’s latest iOS version introduces a game-changing addition: SharePlay, a feature that enables passengers to take the wheel when it comes to choosing the soundscape during drives via CarPlay. This innovative feature got its grand unveil at WWDC 2023.

To join a SharePlay session, passengers have two simple options: a quick tap on their iPhone notification or a scan of a QR code. But before diving into the musical harmony, two key prerequisites need met. 

First off, drivers need an iPhone rocking iOS 17 or later, alongside a subscription to Apple Music to get in on the action. 

Conversely, passengers simply require an iPhone with iOS 17 or higher to join in, no Apple Music subscription necessary.

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How to Become a SharePlay Maestro in CarPlay

Step One: Kickstart the tunes from your iPhone via CarPlay.

Step Two: Passengers receive a notification on their iPhone Lock Screen inviting them to hop into the SharePlay musical journey.

Step Three: By hitting “Connect” on the Lock Screen, the driver gets a notification within CarPlay.

Step Four: Select a passenger’s name, then hit approve to grant music streaming rights from your iPhone to the chosen passenger.

Using a QR Code to Dive Into SharePlay Sessions 

Passengers also have the alternative of joining a SharePlay session via Bluetooth by scanning a QR code.

Step One: Spot and tap the SharePlay button within the Now Playing screen on CarPlay to reveal a QR code on the display.

Step Two: Instruct a passenger to whip out their iPhone Camera app, aim it at the QR code for a quick scan.

Step Three: A button pops up below the QR code image on their iPhone—once tapped, it enables them to request to connect to the SharePlay session. The passenger then needs to hit “Connect” to finalize the link.

Step Four: The driver wraps it up by hitting the checkmark button on the CarPlay screen, greenlighting the passenger’s entry into the audio escapade.

Expanding the Guest List with QR Codes

A SharePlay conductor in the car can extend invites to additional passengers while the driver’s eyes stay glued to the road.

Step One: Navigate to Now Playing within the Music app, find and tap the SharePlay button. This action unveils the SharePlay window, showcasing all attendees along with a QR code granting session access.

Step Two: Prompt a passenger to open their iPhone Camera app, scan the QR code as it appears. Once scanned, a button emerges beneath the code for them to hit, then select “Connect.”

Step Three: The driver seals the deal by tapping the checkmark button to greenlight the passenger’s inclusion in the session.

Exiting or Wrapping Up the Session

To bid adieu or step away from a SharePlay session mid-drive, both passengers and drivers have distinct paths to end the harmony. 

Passengers can gracefully bow out by tapping the SharePlay button at the base of the Now Playing interface, followed by selecting “Leave.” 

On the flip side, drivers can wrap things up by tapping “End” directly through the CarPlay interface.

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