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The Surge of Hogs: A Midweek Rally


Current Market Trends

Midday hog futures are surging up by $0.80 to $1.35, hovering around their highest levels for the session. The USDA’s National Average Base Hog price stood at $85.59 as of Wednesday morning, indicative of the current bullish sentiment in the market. Furthermore, the CME Lean Hog Index experienced an 18-cent increase on 3/29, reaching $84.78.

Industry Insights

Despite a minor setback, with the USDA reporting a $1.51 decline in the National Pork Carcass Cutout Value due to weaker rib primals, the market remains strong with a value of $95.62. Additionally, the USDA’s estimation of FI hog slaughter stood at 489k head for Tuesday, amounting to a weekly total of 847,000 head. This figure marks a deviation from the 967k head from the previous week and 970k head during the corresponding week last year.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, the futures market reflects a positive trajectory with April 24 Hogs at $86.550, slightly down by $0.400, May 24 Hogs at $93.675, a marginal decrease of $0.075, and Jun 24 Hogs standing at $103.725, showing a promising increase of $0.225.

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