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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Portfolio with a Global Approach

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Portfolio with a Global Approach

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Co-authored by Treading Softly

The first job I landed was at McDonald’s, where I honed my customer service skills and dabbled in every aspect of the business, from taking orders to fixing the perpetually broken ice cream machines. One of the maintenance workers, an old man, was deeply ingrained in my memory. He worked at his own pace, solely for enjoyment, owning a vast real estate portfolio. His example taught me that building a real estate empire doesn’t require billions or risky leverage.

That brings us to the modern era. You can now build a global real estate empire from the comfort of your home without needing vast capital, and here’s how. Let’s dive in!

A Global Portfolio

As interest rates rise, the market sells REITs, but with the prevailing belief that rates are peaking, REIT prices are on the upswing.

abrdn Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP), yielding 12.4%, focuses on global REITs with a substantial non-US allocation, providing international exposure for usually US-centric portfolios.

This diversification has impacted AWP‘s performance due to factors like a strong U.S. dollar, but it remains a balanced choice compared to other REIT funds.

Investors often judge AWP against US-focused funds, disregarding the core purpose of diversification. It’s essential to comprehend a fund’s sustainability rather than merely comparing returns.

AWP’s strategy of combining U.S. and non-US REITs has proven resilient, striking a balance to fund its dividend despite market fluctuations.

The signs of real estate recovery in Europe and a resurgence of U.S. REITs suggest positive momentum for AWP, reminiscent of its post-COVID rebound.


I’ve learned that the best time to buy is when everyone else is selling, and that’s precisely the principle behind my unique Income Method. It prioritizes consistent income over blindly chasing capital gains.

The end goal is to build an empire of income-producing investments that fund your retirement, allowing you to work for enrichment, not out of necessity, transforming how you approach work and retirement. This is the beauty of my Income Method and income investing – it’s about revolutionizing your financial approach.