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Insiders Tease The Bull: Recent Penny Stock Moves

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The Dow Jones shuttered higher by about 2 points on Friday. When insiders purchase or sell shares, it indicates their confidence or concern around the company’s prospects. Investors and traders interested in penny stocks can consider this a factor in their overall investment or trading decision.

Several penny stocks have been in the limelight lately due to notable insider transactions. For those tracking penny stock movements, analyzing these insider trades could offer valuable insights into potential opportunities for investment or trading.

Innovative Food Holdings

  • The Scoop: Incoming Food Innovator, Inc. IVFH 10% owner JCP Investment Holdings, LLC snagged a cool 255,000 shares at an average price of $0.69. The cushy acquisition set them back about $175,850.
  • What’s Up: The company flaunted their GAAP net income of $0.134 million, or $0.003 per share for the third quarter.
  • Innovative Food Holdings Does What?: Innovative Food Holdings Inc is in the biz of distributing perishables and specialty food products through its subsidiaries.

Ondas Holdings

  • The Scene: Ondas Holdings Inc. ONDS 10% owner Joseph V Popolo nabbed 342,880 shares at an average price of $0.71. This snag set them back around $243,582.
  • What’s Going Down: Ondas Holdings lured in investors with a narrower-than-expected quarterly loss.
  • Ondas Holdings Is About: Ondas Holdings Inc designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and supports FullMAX Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology in the United States, Israel, and India.


  • The Scoop: VolitionRx Limited VNRX CEO – Volition Veterinary Salvatore Thomas Butera snapped up 10,000 shares at an average price of $0.81. These shares set the insider back around $8,100.
  • What’s Going On: Cantor Fitzgerald recently vouched for VolitionRX with an Overweight and hiked the price target from $2.1 to $2.5.
  • VolitionRx Gets Down With: VolitionRX Ltd is an epigenetics company based in the United States that applies its Nucleosomics platform through its subsidiaries to develop simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective blood tests to help diagnose and monitor a range of life-altering diseases including some cancers and diseases associated with NETosis such as sepsis and COVID-19.

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