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Intel Plans to Launch a Revolutionary Chip, “Sierra Forest,” to Increase Power Efficiency by Over 200%

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According to a recent report by Reuters, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has announced that it will release a new data center chip next year. This chip is expected to perform more than double the amount of computing work per watt of power used compared to Intelโ€™s current generation of data center chips.

The announcement came during a semiconductor technology conference at Stanford University, where Intel provided details about its groundbreaking โ€œSierra Forestโ€ chip. With an estimated 240% improvement in performance per watt, this chip marks the first time Intel has publicly released such figures.

The introduction of the โ€œSierra Forestโ€ chip aligns with the industryโ€™s broader efforts to reduce electricity consumption. Data centers, which are responsible for powering the internet and online services, consume significant amounts of energy. Consequently, technology companies face mounting pressure to minimize their energy consumption. As a result, chip manufacturers are focusing on maximizing computing work per chip.

Earlier this year, Ampere Computing, a startup founded by former Intel executives, launched a chip designed for efficient cloud computing workloads. Following suit, both Intel and competitor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have unveiled similar products. AMDโ€™s chip entered the market in June.

Intel has confirmed that the โ€œSierra Forestโ€ chip remains on track for its anticipated release next year. For the first time, Intel is dividing its data center chips into two categories. The high-performance โ€œGranite Rapidsโ€ chip will consume more power, while the โ€œSierra Forestโ€ chip prioritizes energy efficiency.

Intelโ€™s new chip offers significant potential cost savings for businesses. By consolidating workloads from multiple servers onto a single chip, companies can achieve greater power efficiency and reduce their total cost of ownership. Ronak Singhal, a senior fellow at Intel, highlighted the benefits of increased chip density in driving down overall system requirements.

For more information on Intelโ€™s plans to enhance power efficiency with the โ€œSierra Forestโ€ chip, please refer to the source article on Benzinga.com.

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