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Intel’s Promising Turnaround and Future Leadership: A Comprehensive Analysis

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As an investor or trader in the financial markets, it is crucial to stay informed about potential opportunities. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and its current turnaround progress, as well as the future implications for the company’s leadership in the semiconductor industry. By analyzing market share dynamics, turnaround progress, geopolitical implications, and potential risks, we aim to provide insightful analysis for investors considering their positions in Intel.

Market Share and Its Story

Before delving into Intel’s turnaround progress, let’s first address the company’s market share progress and its implications. Despite concerns that Intel was losing ground to AMD (AMD), the market leader has managed to maintain its position. During the Citi (C) 2023 Global Technology Conference, Intel’s CFO, Mr. David Zinsner, shed light on the company’s strategy to regain market share. He emphasized the importance of bringing products to market in a timely manner with good performance, highlighting Intel’s renewed focus on innovation and customer value. This shift in strategy, coupled with the upcoming release of Intel 4, has positioned Intel to potentially change the competitive landscape in the semiconductor industry.

On the server side, Intel currently commands about 75% of the market and has successfully slowed down market share erosion. With the upcoming releases of Intel 4 and Intel 3, the company is showing its commitment to achieving its ambitious vision of 5 nodes in 4 years. These achievements indicate that Intel’s execution and vision are on track, boding well for its future prospects.

Turnaround Progress

Intel’s turnaround plans have been ambitious, but the company has made significant progress towards achieving its goals. The recent announcement of high-volume manufacturing using Intel 4 technology marks a milestone in the company’s turnaround journey. By leveraging extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology, Intel is moving in the right direction, with the release of Meteor Lake on track for 2023H2. Additionally, the management team’s insights during the Goldman Sachs (GS) Communacopia and Technology Conference, confirming production of Granite Rapids and the development of 20A and 18A designs, further showcase Intel’s execution and vision.

Geopolitical Implications

Geopolitical tensions have highlighted the need for Western governments to have a competitive semiconductor industry. As a leading provider of semiconductors, Intel’s success is vital for ensuring national security and economic development. With Taiwan and South Korea currently dominating semiconductor fabrication, diversifying the supply chain is crucial. Intel’s position as a company without strong political and economic ties to these regions makes it an attractive option for Western nations. As TSMC and Samsung expand overseas, the geopolitical situation creates a favorable environment for Intel’s success.


While Intel’s continuous progress and execution showcase its potential, it is important to consider potential risks. Investors should closely monitor any major changes in Intel’s progress or vision, as unexpected delays or disruptions could impact the company’s outlook. The upcoming earnings report on October 26th will be a key event to watch for any significant updates.


To summarize, Intel’s aggressive turnaround plan, coupled with its execution and potential geopolitical advantages, positions the company for future success. While Intel 4 and its future nodes are not a magic fix, the progress made by the company demonstrates its ability to regain its leadership position in the semiconductor industry. Considering the market share dynamics, turnaround progress, and geopolitical implications, Intel presents an attractive investment opportunity. Therefore, we rate Intel as a buy and recommend investors to consider adding the company to their portfolios.

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