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Investing in the Utility Sector: Seizing Opportunities Amidst Market Turbulence

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A Closer Look at the Utility Sector

While the stock market may seem like a battleground of competing theories and ideas, the reality is that even excellently run companies can experience price declines due to investors’ herd mentality or popular trends.

In recent times, the utility sector has suffered significant losses as the 10-year Treasury Rate hit multi-decade highs. This has led some utility companies to adjust their growth outlooks due to higher capital costs and slowed expansion.

However, this short-term market trend fails to consider the fundamental economic fact of supply and demand. Regardless of interest rates, the demand for electricity remains consistent. As the supply of electricity slows down, prices are likely to rise. This presents an investment opportunity to capitalize on the rising prices within the utility sector.

Challenges and Potential for Utility Companies

It is crucial to understand the challenges faced by utility companies before delving into investment opportunities. Infrastructure, such as electric companies, relies heavily on capital investments and debt funding. Higher interest rates make building new infrastructure less attractive, leading to slower growth in the sector.

Additionally, present values of future cash flows are impacted by higher interest rates, making certain investments less appealing. Consequently, utility companies may face obstacles on their growth path. However, these challenges should not overshadow the long-term favorable supply and demand dynamics.

Embracing the Power of Infrastructure Investments

Investors seeking an opportunity to benefit from the utility sector’s current downturn should consider the Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (NYSE: UTF). With a yield of 10%, UTF offers a compelling investment option. Its diversified portfolio consists of 33% electric investments, 11% midstream assets, and various other infrastructure-style holdings, including toll roads, freight rails, gas distribution, cell towers, and airports.

UTF’s strategic implementation of interest rate swaps fixes 85% of its leverage at an average rate of only 1.8%. This decision provides stability and helps manage the effects of interest rate fluctuations.

Capturing the Value of Infrastructure Investments

Although infrastructure investments like utilities may currently face challenges, they remain an essential part of our daily lives. Owning UTF enables investors to benefit from its attractive dividend yield and exposure to oversold companies within the utility and infrastructure sectors. The fund’s management team has a strong track record of raising dividends, indicating continued potential for income growth.

The Path to Financial Security

When planning for retirement, it is crucial to have investments that provide increasing income streams. While many bills and income sources require you to pay more each year, income investments can offer a different path.

By creating a portfolio filled with income-producing holdings like UTF, investors can secure outstanding income that keeps up with or exceeds inflation. This financial security allows for a fulfilling and satisfying retirement, whether it involves spending time with loved ones, embarking on adventures, or simply enjoying the comforts of home.


Investing in the utility sector, especially through funds like UTF, presents an opportunity to navigate market turbulence and secure favorable long-term returns. By understanding the dynamics of supply and demand and the enduring need for utilities, investors can position themselves to capture the potential value within the sector. With UTF’s attractive dividend yield and exposure to various infrastructure investments, investors can work towards achieving financial security and crafting a fulfilling retirement.

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