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Investors Swoop In as Captivision Inc Stock Skyrockets by 125%

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Captivision Inc. CAPT shares are making strides on Monday after a staggering 44% increase on Friday. Here’s a look at what’s driving the surge:

What’s Happening:

Captivision shares have surged by a jaw-dropping 125% over the last five days despite a lack of company-specific news, and CAPT is currently one of the top trending tickers on Yahoo Finance.

On Monday, trading volume of CAPT is off the charts. According to data from Benzinga Pro, more than 10 million shares have already exchanged hands in the session, compared to the stock’s 100-day average volume of 3.251 million shares.

Captivision Inc., formerly Glaam Co Ltd., manufactures, installs and sells LED display G-Glass. G-Glass has the basic characteristics of transparent glass, but can display media images at the same time by implementing media images through the glass surface while preserving the features of clear and transparent glass.

According to data from Benzinga Pro, shares of CAPT are trading above the stock’s 50-day moving average of $1.58, though it remains near its 52-week low of $1.15.

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CAPT Price Action: According to Benzinga Pro, Captivision shares are up by 23% at $2.89 at the time of publication.

Image: Tom from Pixabay

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