Apple Pencil: Exciting New Patent Revelation Apple Pencil: Exciting New Patent Revelation

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Apple Pencil patent

In a recent turn of events, Apple Inc. (AAPL) is rumored to be contemplating a groundbreaking advancement for its Apple Pencil – the introduction of interchangeable sleeves. These sleeves are anticipated to potentially offer users augmented controls, sensors, and extended battery life.

What Happened: Apple filed a new patent application entitled β€œHandheld Input Devices With Sleeves” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This move implies that the technology behemoth is considering a substantial upgrade to its Apple Pencil range.

The patent application articulates a handheld input device consisting of a stylus and a removable sleeve.

The input-output capabilities of the device could be shared between the stylus and the removable sleeve, which could incorporate haptic output devices and a battery. The sleeve could also be attached to an item without electronics.

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The application further elucidates that the sleeve could encompass conductors for translating touch input on the sleeve to the touch sensor circuitry on the stylus.

It could also have a deformable member for translating forces on the sleeve to the force-sensitive tip of the stylus and visual markers that can be detected by an external camera and used with motion sensor data from the stylus to track the handheld input device.

While the patent predominantly addresses the future of the Apple Pencil, it also hints at the potential for applying this technology with everyday items.

For instance, a sensor-filled sleeve could be wrapped around a utensil, allowing its movements to be tracked with a mixed-reality headset such as Apple Vision Pro.

Why It Matters: This development follows Apple’s launch of a more budget-friendly variant of the Apple Pencil with a USB-C port in October 2023.

The third-generation Apple Pencil, priced at $79, offers high precision, low latency, and tilt sensitivity.

The advent of interchangeable sleeves could potentially augment the functionality and versatility of the Apple Pencil, potentially attracting more users and boosting sales.

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Photo courtesy: Apple via USPTO

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