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JonesTrading Dials Down Expectations for Real Estate Giant RE/MAX (RMAX)

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JonesTrading Steps Back from โ€œBuyโ€ to โ€œHoldโ€ Rating

On March 1, 2024, JonesTrading sent tremors through the market as they lowered their outlook for the real estate behemoth RE/MAX (NYSE:RMAX) from a confident โ€œBuyโ€ to a more cautious โ€œHold.โ€ The financial tides are shifting, and investors are left to navigate the choppy waters.

Analyst Prognosis Predicts 55.47% Uptick

Looking through the crystal ball, as of February 24, 2024, experts weighed in, whispering that the one-year price target for RE/MAX flirted with 13.46. The air is thick with anticipation as forecasts swing from a low of 9.09 to a high soaring at $18.90. This dart lands significantly above the latest closing price, signaling a potential 55.47% surge for bold investors.

Revenue Projected to Soar

The figures paint a vivid picture โ€“ the projected annual revenue for RE/MAX is charting a course towards $370MM, a substantial uptick of 13.62%. Analysts are buzzing as the projected annual non-GAAP EPS stands firm at 2.20, setting the stage for an intriguing financial performance down the road.

Peeking into the Fund Sentimentโ€

Shifting the lens, we scan the landscape of 377 funds or institutions, dutifully reporting their positions in RE/MAX. A rise of 32 owners or 9.28% in the last quarter hints at a landscape dotted with changes. The average portfolio weight dedicated to RMAX ingrains at 0.10%, a dip of 17.38%. Enthusiasm is palpable as total shares owned by institutions swell by 3.96% to reach 19,751K shares, painting a dynamic picture of investor sentiment.

Insight into Shareholder Activity

Zooming in further, the portrait of shareholder activity unfolds. Magnolia Group, played the game strategically, clutching 2,984K shares clinching 16.33% ownership of the company. In a bold move, they showcased their confidence by increasing their portfolio allocation in RMAX by 7.18% over the last quarter, a move not made lightly in the volatile financial sphere.

DISVX โ€“ DFA International Small Cap Value Portfolio โ€“ Institutional Class, danced with the numbers, holding 1,572K shares at 8.60% ownership. However, a cloud looms as they decreased their portfolio allocation by 35.65% in a bold move to navigate the changing tides.

AVDV โ€“ Avantis International Small Cap Value ETF, chose their steps carefully and held 1,491K shares at 8.16% ownership. A clever shuffle saw an increase of 15.82% in their portfolio, offset by a 20.57% decrease in portfolio allocation, a tightrope act amidst market uncertainties.

VGTSX โ€“ Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Investor Shares stood steadfast, holding 1,175K shares at 6.43% ownership, charting a consistent course with no changes in the last quarter, a beacon of stability in the stormy sea of investments.

RE/MAX: A Glimpse into the Past

Stepping back in time, RE/MAX Holdings, Inc., entrenched in the real estate industry since 1973, has been a juggernaut. Founded by David and Gail Liniger, the company boasts a global presence, operating under the RE/MAXยฎ brand worldwide, and within the U.S. under the Mottoยฎ Mortgage brand. With over 135,000 agents across 110 countries and territories, RE/MAX holds the crown for selling the most real estate globally, a remarkable legacy of success and adaptability in the shifting sands of the real estate market.

The saga continues as RE/MAX Holdings unfurled Motto Franchising, LLC in 2016, a groundbreaking mortgage brokerage franchisor that has spread its wings over 125 offices across 30 states. Dedicated to innovation and change, RE/MAX Holdings stands as a testament to evolution and resilience in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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