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Li Auto: Dominating the Electric Vehicle Market with Record-Breaking Performance

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In October, Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI) achieved a remarkable feat, surpassing its own record by delivering 40,422 electric vehicles, marking a staggering 302.1% increase from the previous year. This outstanding performance underscores Li Autoโ€™s rapid growth, setting it apart from the competition. Despite the challenges in the industry, Li Auto exhibited resilience, demonstrating a marginal increase in vehicle margins, defying the prevailing trend in the electric vehicle market. Moreover, the companyโ€™s robust Q3โ€™23 results, coupled with its optimistic forecast for Q4โ€™23, projecting a 20% growth in monthly deliveries, reaffirms its position as a formidable force in the EV sector.

Li Autoโ€™s Strong Momentum

Previously, I had rated Li Auto as a strong buy, given its impressive margins and exceptional performance in Q3โ€™23. The companyโ€™s delivery growth continued to accelerate, reinforcing its value proposition. With a revenue of 34.7B Chinese Yuan ($4.8B) in Q3 and the highest delivery volume of 40,422 electric vehicles, Li Auto outperformed its competitors, including NIO and XPeng, by a significant margin.

What sets Li Auto apart is its ability to maintain strong vehicle margins amidst intense competition and pricing pressures. The company reported an impressive 21.2% vehicle margin in Q3, showcasing a commendable year-over-year improvement. This, along with its bullish outlook for Q4โ€™23, highlights Li Autoโ€™s stability and potential for sustained growth.

Unprecedented Forecast for Q4โ€™23

Li Autoโ€™s forecast for Q4โ€™23 remains exceptionally optimistic, projecting a significant year-over-year increase in delivery volume. With a guidance range of 125,000 to 128,000 vehicles and an expected monthly delivery volume of 41,666 to 42,666, the company is poised to maintain its upward momentum, solidifying its position as a leader in the EV market.

Decoupling from the Competition

Li Autoโ€™s staggering performance has led to a notable decoupling from its competitors. The companyโ€™s revenue estimates for FY 2023 have consistently risen, while its rivals, NIO and XPeng, have faced disappointment in their delivery achievements. This clear divergence in performance, encompassing margins, delivery numbers, and revenue growth, underscores Li Autoโ€™s unmatched prowess in the industry.

Assessment of Risks

While Li Autoโ€™s performance has been exceptional, achieving profitability on a full-year basis in FY 2023 remains a critical milestone. Any potential drop in vehicle margins could also impact the companyโ€™s trajectory. It is important to monitor these factors as they pose inherent risks to Li Autoโ€™s growth and profitability.

Conclusion: Li Autoโ€™s Resilience and Potential

Despite the challenges, Li Autoโ€™s remarkable growth, robust margins, and unparalleled delivery numbers position it as a dominant player in the electric vehicle market. The companyโ€™s consistent outperformance, along with its favorable valuation, underscores its attractiveness in the EV industry. With a strong outlook for Q4โ€™23 and a proven track record of defying industry trends, Li Auto continues to present an enticing opportunity for investors in the dynamic EV landscape.

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