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Lucid Group Options Trading Forecast: Analyst Anticipates Upward Movement Towards November Expiration

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on Lucid Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: LCID), you might have noticed its recent underwhelming sales performance during the third quarter. Despite this, options trader Mike Khouw of Optimize Advisors pointed out that Lucid observed a trading surge, reaching 1.5 times its average daily call volume on Monday during CNBC’s “Options Action.”

Detailing the market activity, Khouw highlighted a notable purchase of 1,000 November 4-calls at an average price of 14 cents per contract. This transaction has spurred expectations among traders for Lucid’s stock to ascend leading up to the November expiration.

Furthermore, there’s a noteworthy deal on the horizon as Lucid Group recently joined forces with Riyadh Air, a Saudi Arabia-based airline established by the Kingdom’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

While reflecting on the company’s latest financial report, it’s evident that Lucid Group fell short of the consensus revenue estimate, reporting $137.81 million in third-quarter revenue compared to the expected $183.84 million. On the upside, the company surpassed analyst projections for loss per share, recording a quarterly loss of 28 cents, outperforming the estimated 35 cents per share, according to Benzinga Pro.

In terms of price action, Lucid Group shares experienced a 4.5% upswing, concluding Monday’s trading at $3.97.

Mike Khouw’s Insight on Lucid Group Options Trading

Mike Khouw, a respected figure in the world of options trading and a key member of Optimize Advisors, shared his observations on Lucid Group’s recent options activity. Khouw’s expertise and insights shed light on the surge in call volumes, foreshadowing potential upward movement for Lucid’s stock leading up to the November expiration date.

Lucid Group’s Collaborative Venture with Riyadh Air

Lucid Group’s strategic partnership with Riyadh Air, a prominent airline with royal connections in Saudi Arabia, is a noteworthy development that has the potential to impact the company’s trajectory in the near future. This alliance, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, presents intriguing possibilities for Lucid’s growth and market positioning.

Analysis of Lucid Group’s Third-Quarter Financial Performance

Lucid Group’s third-quarter revenue and earnings report has drawn attention due to its mixed results compared to market expectations. While the company fell short of anticipated revenue figures, it managed to outperform projections in terms of losses per share, showcasing resilience amidst market challenges.

Price Action and Market Response

The recent price action of Lucid Group’s shares, marked by a notable upturn, indicates a positive response from the market to the company’s recent developments and market performance. This uptick underscores the dynamic nature of Lucid’s stock and its potential for future movements.


The confluence of options trading insights, impactful collaborations, financial performance indicators, and market response sets the stage for a compelling narrative surrounding Lucid Group’s journey. As we approach the November expiration, the intersection of these factors positions Lucid as a key player to watch within the financial landscape, offering potential opportunities for both investors and traders.

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