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The Dance of Stocks: A Market Commentary

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Floyd Mayweather’s lavish boxing style was known to captivate audiences, much like the enthralling month of March captivates college basketball fans. As brackets are meticulously filled out and hopeful Cinderella teams emerge, so too do stock market enthusiasts find themselves embroiled in the ebb and flow of various equities.

The Top Contenders: Market Monsters

The UConn Huskies, reigning champions of the 2023 NCAA tournament, hold onto their prestigious number one seed this year, reminiscent of Nvidia’s consistent dominance in the market. Just as UConn’s status in college basketball debates has evolved, Nvidia has become a heavyweight stock, commanding attention and conversation in financial circles.

Similarly, perennial basketball powerhouses Purdue and Houston mirror Amazon and Meta in the stock market realm. These companies continue to showcase their strength, much like the enduring prowess of North Carolina – or the Microsoft of stocks.

A Tale of Two Dynasties: Kansas & Apple

The Kansas Jayhawks, with a storied history of Big 12 conference victories, have recently faced a slump in performance, mirroring Apple’s uncharacteristic struggles in 2024. While Kansas battles as a four seed in the NCAA tournament, Apple finds itself seeking stability amidst market volatility, perched delicately on technical support.

Intriguing parallels indeed – one wonders if these two giants will rally in the closing days of March.

The Field and Market Dynamics

Beyond the dominant forces lie the underdogs – teams where parity reigns and upsets lurk around every corner. Just as the NCAA tournament field boasts unpredictability beyond the top seeds, the stock market see-saws with newfound parity. Market breadth, reflected in the Advance-Decline Line’s ascent, signals a rising tide that lifts most stocks.

A shift in market leadership is evident as sectors like Financials, Industrials, and Basic Materials make their ascent, displacing the erstwhile tech giants. Energy, once a lagging sector, is now staging a resurgence, echoing the underdog stories that often emerge during March Madness.

With teams and stocks alike seemingly more evenly matched, the thrill of uncertainty permeates both the basketball court and the trading floor.

Spotlight on Eastman Chemical

Just as basketball aficionados pore over bracket predictions and dark horse contenders, investors scrutinize stocks for hidden gems and potential winners. Much like the underdog teams in the tournament, could stocks like Eastman Chemical emerge as unexpected victors in the market arena?

The spirit of unpredictability is alive and well in both basketball and stocks, beckoning all to witness the unfolding drama of this captivating dance in March.

The Tale of Eastman Chemical Stock: A March Madness Market Commentary

Analyzing Technical Indicators of EMN Stock

Eastman Chemical stock (EMN) hails from the Basic Materials sector, a segment that has recently outperformed the market. Examining the chart below, we delve into how technical indicators shed light on the potential of EMN.


Canterbury Investment Management. Chart created using Optuma Technical Analysis Software

  1. Point 1 delineates EMN’s attempt to breach overhead resistance, a zone where market dynamics shift between supply and demand. Repeated touches to this level have historically triggered selling pressure, yet EMN now braces itself once more. A sustained breakout above this resistance could signal a bullish move for the stock.
  2. At Point 2, we witness EMN establishing a higher low while holding its 200-day moving average as support. Support acts as a springboard for price appreciation, with EMN bouncing off its moving average after a failed attempt at the resistance. This rally sets the stage for a potential higher high, indicative of an upward trend.
  3. Considering volume, Point 3 introduces the MoneyFlow Index, gauging the involvement of β€œsmart” money in the market. Despite sideways movement in EMN’s price, the MoneyFlow Index has steadily risen over the past year, signaling increased volume during upward price shifts. The recent surge in MoneyFlow to a new high augurs well for the stock.

Market Insights and Parallels to March Madness

Reflecting on the market landscape, certain stocks mirror the perennial success of teams like Uconn and Purdue in the NCAA tournament. Companies such as Nvidia, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft continue to dominate, extending their impressive streak from the previous year into 2023.

Conversely, some stocks like Google and Apple have faltered in 2024 post their triumphant run in 2023. This narrative parallels the unpredictable nature of teams like the Kansas Jayhawks in the tournament – their fortunes often hinge on a sudden turnaround. Will these underperforming stocks stage a similar comeback?

Market parity akin to the NCAA tournament is a welcomed phenomenon in 2024. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the market upsurge has propelled numerous stocks showcasing positive technical signs.

Yet, as the saying goes, it’s termed β€œMarch Madness” for a reason. Whether on the court or in the financial sphere, past achievements do not guarantee future success. The unexpected upsets in the 2023 tournament underscore this reality. Similarly, investors banking on high-flying tech stocks must remain vigilant. Will these companies live up to the hype, or are they headed for a premature downturn?

This March Madness market discourse offers a refreshing take amidst the basketball fervor. While filling out a tournament bracket is a one-off event, managing a portfolio demands continuous adaptability. Be it shifting market conditions or evolving technical indicators, a flexible approach ensures readiness for any market scenario – be it bull or bear.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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