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Mine Waste Threatens Biodiversity in Protected Areas

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The latest study findings reveal that almost a third of tailings dams are dangerously close to protected areas. The lead author of the paper, Bora Aska, alerting us to this stark reality, emphasized the global threat to biodiversity posed by mine waste. The research, published in Nature Sustainability, paints a grim picture of the potential risks and hazards these dams pose to the environment. It’s akin to having a ticking time bomb looming over wildlife and precious ecosystems.

This dire situation was unearthed as part of an extensive analysis conducted by Aska and co-authors. The study involved scrutinizing a comprehensive database of global tailings facilities and comparing it with geographic data concerning protected areas. The findings act as a stark warning, highlighting the imminent danger that hovers over these ecologically vital regions.

The study stemmed from the aftermath of the devastating Brazilian incident, where the dam at Vale’s Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine ruptured, causing substantial loss of life and irreversible harm to the environment. The repercussions of such a calamity are far-reaching and linger long after the initial disaster, amplifying the urgent need for globally coordinated action to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Laura Sonter, the senior author of the study, emphasized the pressing need to address the escalating sustainability challenge of managing mine waste. The exponential growth in tailings production, triggered by the escalating demand for energy transition metals and depleting ore grades, is further exacerbating the severity of this challenge. The unrelenting increase in tailings production presents an encroaching threat to the environment, akin to a looming storm cloud on the horizon.

The study urges the world to capitalize on the emerging data that can help manage these impending risks. Despite the grim outlook, the researchers stress that there are opportunities to integrate this vital knowledge into the design of new facilities and to effectively manage existing ones. It’s a glimmer of hope in an otherwise gloomy landscape, a fleeting chance to avert an impending catastrophe and salvage what remains of our precious ecosystems.

Responding to these critical findings, Sonter reiterated the urgency required to mitigate the adverse impacts of mining waste on both people and the environment. It’s an imploration to act swiftly and decisively, to steer clear of the catastrophic consequences that loom unless immediate action is taken.


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