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My Top 5 Lithium Juniors: Investing in the Future of Lithium Battery Technology

My Top 5 Lithium Juniors: Investing in the Future of Lithium Battery Technology
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Strategy: Investing in Integrated Lithium Companies with Strong Technical Capabilities

In the History Channel’s dramatized program, The Men Who Built America, a historian remarked, “Whoever could control the refining process could very well have the whole industry.” This sentiment aligns with my investment strategy in the lithium industry, which focuses on owning integrated companies with the technical ability to refine lithium into battery-grade quality. Additionally, these companies should possess the flexibility to adapt to future advancements in lithium battery technologies. While many junior miners are racing to mine spodumene deposits, my concern lies in the lack of refining capabilities. Ultimately, those with refining capability outside of China are likely to see significant value accrual.

Methodology: Factors Considered in Evaluating Lithium Juniors

Before diving into my list of the Top 5 Lithium Juniors, it’s important to understand my approach:

  • I consider juniors as those not yet in production.
  • Resource amounts primarily include the higher confidence portions of known resources, emphasizing high-grade deposits.
  • LCE = Lithium Carbonate Equivalent.
  • Production levels are based on announced targets or estimates.
  • Valuations assume a target 21% return on invested capital.
  • Prices of $3,000 per tonne for spodumene producers and $40,000 per tonne for integrated producers.
  • Higher CAPEX and cost estimates are utilized, as junior mining projects often exceed initial projections.
  • Companies with higher Resource confidence levels (“Measured & Indicated”) or Reserves generally receive higher ranking consideration.

Now, let’s explore the top five lithium juniors and delve into their key details.

The Top 5 Lithium Juniors Listed

Before discussing these specific companies, there are two important points to consider:

First, while Patriot Battery Metals (OTCQX:PMETF; PMET:CA) may appear undervalued, it is crucial to await the company’s preliminary economic study for more details. Additionally, my valuation method suggests a potential for a significant decrease in stock value.

Second, if you find the total costs projected to be too high, consider Albemarle (ALB) as an example. Their integrated production from brine and spodumene deposits indicates the likelihood of higher costs.

#1 – Green Technology Metals (OTCPK:GTMLF; GT1.AX) – Strong Buy

Australian-based Green Technology Metals aims to develop an ambitious, multi-deposit, integrated project in Ontario. Led by CEO Luke Cox and with a Board boasting Chairman John Young and Executive Director Cameron Henry, the company has the technical expertise for success. Its partnership with Lithium Americas further enhances its potential in the North American lithium market.

#2 – Lithium Americas (LAC) – Buy

Vancouver-based Lithium Americas is dedicated to developing domestic lithium production in the U.S. With a strong management team, including President & CEO John Evans and VP of Growth & Product Strategy Rene Leblanc, the company is well-positioned for success. Their lithium testing facility in Nevada highlights their technical capabilities in lithium processing.

#3 – Galan Lithium (OTCPK:GLNLF; GLN.AX) – Buy

Australian-based Galan Lithium possesses the highest grade brine resource in Argentina. With a strong Board and management team, including Non-Executive Director Daniel Jimenez and experts from SQM and Alkem, the company is poised to scale its production in Hombre Muerto. However, it’s important to note that brine expansions often face delays.

#4 – Liontown Resources (OTCPK:LINRF; LTR.AX) – Hold

Liontown Resources is renowned for its significant high-grade resource at Kathleen Valley. While the company has a strong management team, its technical capability in refined lithium processing remains a point of weakness. Potential downstream partnerships may be necessary for increased success.

#5 – Patriot Battery Metals (OTCQX:PMETF; PMET.V) – Sell

Patriot Battery Metals holds the largest spodumene resource in the Western Hemisphere. However, limitations in technical capabilities and uncertainties around project economics and permitting challenges make it a less favorable investment option. Potential acquirers should proceed cautiously to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Timing Considerations & Strategic Conclusion

While lithium shares are currently experiencing a decline, a potential buying opportunity may arise in the near future. Monitoring Albemarle and Mineral Resources can provide insights into the market’s bottoming process. For long-term investors, Green Technology Metals, Lithium Americas, and Galan Lithium are potential considerations. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.