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Natural Gas Surges, Delivering a 22% Gain in October – Promising Outlook for Investors and Traders

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U.S. natural gas futures experienced an impressive 22% surge in October, driven by changing weather forecasts that ignited market momentum.

Front-month Nymex natural gas (NG1:COM) for December delivery soared by 6.7% to conclude the month at $3.575/MMBtu. This marked the highest settlement value since January 17, as well as the strongest monthly performance since August 2022. Overall, this surge contributed to a remarkable 22.1% gain for the month, even amid a year-to-date decline of 20.1%.

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Understanding the Impressive Surge in Natural Gas Futures

Throughout the month of October, the U.S. natural gas market experienced a remarkable surge, with futures prices soaring by an impressive 22%. The driving force behind this surge can be attributed to changing weather forecasts that have ignited market momentum and generated a positive outlook for investors and traders alike.

Front-month Nymex natural gas (NG1:COM) for December delivery proved to be particularly profitable, settling at $3.575/MMBtu. This settlement value represents an astonishing milestone, marking the highest value since January 17 and demonstrating the strongest monthly performance since August 2022. Despite a year-to-date decline of 20.1%, this surge in October contributed to an overall gain of 22.1% for the month.

Gains Across the Natural Gas Market

Investors and traders focusing on gas-related stocks also benefited from this surge, as several companies experienced widespread gains during Tuesday’s trading session. Range Resources (RRC) was among the top performers, witnessing a notable increase of 3.8%. Antero Resources (AR) also saw a significant rise of 3.1%. EQT (EQT) surged by 2.9%, Southwestern Energy (SWN) recorded a 1% rise, and Coterra Energy (CTRA) experienced a modest increase of 0.6%.

Industry Experts Express Optimism for Natural Gas Prices

According to Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James, the era of low natural gas prices seems to be firmly in the past. Molchanov confidently states, β€œIt is very hard to imagine gas prices during the winter months coming back down towards their mid-2023 lows.” This optimism among industry experts and analysts underlines the significant opportunity that natural gas presents to investors and traders.

Weather Forecasts Drive Market Momentum

The rally in natural gas prices can be largely attributed to revised weather forecasts that have taken a cooler turn. Gary Cunningham, Research Director at Tradition Energy, explains that overnight weather forecasts indicated a reduction in above-normal temperatures expected to hit the Rocky Mountains in the coming weeks. In addition to this, forecasts also suggested cooler shifts for the natural gas-sensitive northeast region in the 11-15 day outlook. These changes in the weather forecasts have served as a catalyst for the surge in natural gas prices, solidifying the positive market sentiment.


The surge in natural gas prices during October has captivated investors and traders, presenting a promising opportunity to capitalize on this market momentum. Driven by changing weather forecasts and supported by industry experts’ optimism, the future of natural gas prices seems bright. As we move into the winter months, it is crucial for investors and traders to closely monitor weather forecasts and market trends to make informed decisions and maximize their potential gains in the natural gas sector.

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