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Nokia and Intel: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in 5G Networks Nokia and Intel: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in 5G Networks

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The partnership between Nokia Corporation (NOK) and Intel Corporation (INTC) is a watershed moment in the journey towards optimizing energy consumption in the realm of 5G networks. The exponential growth of 5G power usage has become a mounting concern for communication service providers (CSP), compelling the industry to seek innovative solutions. The drive for 5G demands efficient networks to handle burgeoning device numbers with lightning-fast data rates, necessitating denser network deployments. The utilization of cutting-edge technologies like Massive MIMO significantly contributes to heightened power consumption, stirring environmental worries and escalating operational costs for service providers. Energy price fluctuations introduce further complexities into the network operations of CSPs.

Strategic Collaboration

In an ambitious move to address these concerns, Nokia has formed a strategic alliance with Intel. The collaboration aims to harness Intelโ€™s technology, which exhibited a remarkable 40% decrease in runtime power during a recent demonstration. This accomplishment was made possible through the use of Intel Infrastructure Power Manager software and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors in conjunction with Nokiaโ€™s cloud-based 5G core. The integration of Nokiaโ€™s Core technology with Intelโ€™s power modulation features ensures dynamic adjustment of the chipโ€™s power usage in correspondence with the flowing network traffic. This remarkable innovation promises to scale down energy consumption during periods of low traffic, while dynamically allocating more energy to accommodate heightened demand during peak traffic flows.

Impact and Outlook

Nokiaโ€™s groundbreaking energy-saving feature, set for introduction in the second half of 2024 with its Cloud Packet Core, is poised to substantially lower electricity usage and related expenses for CSPs. This initiative not only optimizes resource utilization but also underlines Nokiaโ€™s firm commitment to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 50% before 2030. Nokiaโ€™s robust position in the ongoing technology cycle, underpinned by its comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio, augurs well for the future. The companyโ€™s rapid expansion of high-capacity AirScale products and its ability to seamlessly transition customers to 5G exemplify its robust growth trajectory. By converging mobile and fixed broadband, IP routing, and optical networks, Nokia is transforming global enterprises into smart virtual networks through state-of-the-art technologyโ€”a testament to its unwavering pursuit of innovative communication and connectivity solutions.

Stock Performance

Despite the recent decline of 24.1% amidst industry growth of 7.5%, Nokia remains a company with substantial potential. Coupled with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Nokiaโ€™s future endeavors to create new business and licensing opportunities appear promising. As it endeavors to expand its business into targeted, high-growth, and high-margin vertical markets, Nokiaโ€™s strategic outlook remains positive, signaling a paradigm shift beyond its traditional primary markets. Nokia currently holds a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

Stocks to Consider

InterDigital, Inc. (IDCC) presents a promising choice with its Zacks Rank #2. Notably, the company has consistently delivered an impressive earnings surprise and is well-regarded for its pioneering work in advanced mobile technologies. Similarly, Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET) showcases a strong position with a Zacks Rank #2 and a history of delivering substantial earnings surprises, bolstered by its leadership in high-speed data center segments.

As the 5G landscape continues to evolve, the partnership between Nokia and Intel symbolizes a monumental step towards achieving energy efficiency, a critical necessity for the sustainable growth of 5G networks. With their combined expertise and commitment to innovation, Nokia and Intel are defining the future of telecommunications, one efficient stride at a time.

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