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Friday Frenzy: Options Trading Sparks Buzz in C, NET, GIC Stocks

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Citigroup Inc (C) Buzz

Looking at the colorful tapestry of options trading in the financial markets, today is abuzz with activity in Citigroup Inc (Symbol: C). A total of 69,434 contracts have exchanged hands, equivalent to an exuberant 6.9 million underlying shares. This flamboyant number represents a staggering 46.1% of C’s average daily trading volume in the past month, of 15.1 million shares. Notably, the $56 strike call option expiring on March 01, 2024, has stolen the limelight with 15,428 contracts traded, representing a rambunctious 1.5 million underlying shares of C. Dive deeper into C’s historical trading performance, with the $56 strike shining brightly in orange hues.


CloudFlare Inc (NET) Surge

CloudFlare Inc (Symbol: NET) options are experiencing a surge in activity with a total of 29,876 contracts traded so far today. This robust number of contracts represents a commendable 3.0 million underlying shares, capturing a significant 46% of NET’s average daily trading volume over the past month, of 6.5 million shares. Unusually high volume was observed for the $98 strike put option expiring on March 01, 2024, with 2,566 contracts actively traded, bringing forth nearly 256,600 underlying shares of NET. Explore NET’s journey through the markets, with the $98 strike shining vibrantly in orange hues.


Global Industrial Company (GIC) Stir

Global Industrial Company (Symbol: GIC) options have stepped onto the scene with a volume of 250 contracts traded today. These contracts represent a notable 25,000 underlying shares, making waves as they account for a remarkable 45.7% of GIC’s average daily trading volume over the past month, of 54,650 shares. A surge in activity was witnessed for the $17.50 strike put option expiring on March 15, 2024, with 111 contracts energetically traded, embodying approximately 11,100 underlying shares of GIC. Witness GIC’s journey through the dynamic markets, with the $17.50 strike glowing brightly in orange.


For a plethora of available expirations for C options, NET options, or GIC options, visit StockOptionsChannel.com.

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